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An Interview with Chiropractic Master Dr. Mike Reid

In this insightful video, you’ll discover what it REALLY takes to become a chiropractic master this year and beyond. You’ll learn some of the top habits of the most successful doctors in practice. Lastly, you’ll find-out how to increase your patient volume and revenue by 25-50% (or more) in the next two months.

This video was filmed in the heart of Grace Bay on the beautiful island of Providenciales. Click the play button to watch this valuable training.



Just an FYI… the free practice-growth teleclass I refer to in the video can be found at the first link in the section below. It’s one of the most popular calls I’ve ever done and for good reason. On the audio training, you’ll get access to an ad that attracted a whopping 251 new patients.

See for yourself why so many chiropractors were raving!

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2 Responses to “An Interview with Chiropractic Master Dr. Mike Reid”

  1. Bill Thomas says:

    In California, there is some debate as to whether or not doing Groupon or those type of deals may be considered fee-splitting and may be potentially illegal. The board doesn’t have enough resources to find all of the doctors that are doing it, but it may come back to bite us later. I’ve never done it, but I’ve thought about it a lot. Do you have any experience with California?


    Dr. T.

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Doc… I would go to the state board directly and check. A “debate” over fee splitting doesn’t sound like they’ve actually ruled on it good or bad. From my experience the majority of state boards haven’t mentioned problems with running Groupon ads. It can be highly profitable if you know what you’re doing.

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