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Chiropractor Fractures Wrists in Accident! Now What?

Each week I receive a couple emails from concerned chiropractors that have injured themselves and are no longer able to adjust patients like they used to. In some cases, these doctors aren’t able to return to practice at all. I vividly recall one instance where an acquaintance of mine actually fractured both of his wrists while water skiing on Lake Lanier here in Georgia.

The recovery was long and painful. He also now had to deal with two screws that were firmly drilled into his bones.

Once he completed his physical therapy, he found he could no longer treat patients hands-on like he used to. This was a BIG problem since he was an active chiropractor.

His practice was his primary source of income and it was as if someone had abruptly turned the money faucet off.

Believe it or not, this scenario is more common than you think.

Have you ever seriously thought about what YOU would do if an injury prevented you from practicing chiropractic again?

We, as chiropractors, know how physical our work is day-in and day-out. The reality is that many doctors will not be in practice for 20-30 years because of the wear and tear that occurs on the body.

This short video I created below shows you how to protect yourself and be PROACTIVE in case you’re ever sidelined with an injury. I can tell you this is one of the most important segments I’ve ever done and EVERY chiropractor should know what is shared.



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