Cancun Jetpack Adventure with Dr Matthew Loop

Here’s a glimpse of my wild Jetpack experience in Cancun. Definitely one of the COOLEST adventures I’ve had to date! If you’re a big kid and have an Iron Man fantasy to fulfill, this is the perfect way!



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Dr. Matthew Loop is an author, speaker, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He’s famous for showing entrepreneurs, brands, celebrities, and small business owners how to create wildly profitable passive income streams by harnessing the power of the social media. Connect with him on Twitter and Google+.


2 Responses to “Cancun Jetpack Adventure with Dr Matthew Loop”

  1. Carlos says:

    That jetpack adventure looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing that. I had no idea they offer those. I will have to look for them when we go back to Playa Del Carmen at Christmas.

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    It was definitely an unforgettable experience!

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