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Celebrating July 4th Atop Atlanta!

Last night was one of the MOST memorable Independence Day celebrations I can recall. My wife, son and I enjoyed the holiday at the Sun Dial Restaurant, which is situated atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza overlooking Atlanta. Towering 723 feet above the city, the revolving upscale dining complex is known for the gorgeous 360 degree panorama of the skyline.

We got to witness an incredible display of fireworks from so many angles and locations. It reminded me of the fact that life is about the EXPERIENCE. In the end, we have our memories.

I made a commitment a long time ago to play “full-on” and take advantage of unique opportunities. As far as I’m aware, we only get one bite at the apple and I’d rather not look back at moments in my life thinking “I wish I would have.”

We should all enjoy the BEST of what life has to offer, whatever that means for you. Treat yourself and your family to a new adventure today, as opposed to waiting for the “perfect” time.

Here are a couple pics from our spectacular evening:




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