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Chiropractic Health Talks on Facebook?

With communication evolving the way it has over the last few years, it’s critically important that you (as a chiropractor) reach the masses where they already are. It’s no big secret that practically everyone is on Facebook these days, too.

In fact, the average time spent on the mammoth social network exceeds a whopping 45 minutes per day per user.

With that said, what are you doing to fully leverage Facebook to spread the chiropractic message of health?

Do you have an automatic, scalable system in place working for your practice 24 hours a day?

As times change, we must adapt.

One of the best ways to get your message to the local community is to conduct chiropractic health talks on Facebook using the new FB Webinars system. Here are the 5 most powerful benefits and reasons why you MUST be doing educational, automated webinars for your practice.

1) The recorded webinar can work 24/7 around the clock for you reaching countless more local, prospective patients in very little time. At an in-office health talk or screening outside, you’re trading time for work. There’s no automation or leverage.

This places a bottleneck on the amount of patients you can attract since there’s only one of you.

With an automated webinar system on Facebook, you can get the chiropractic message to thousands in the comfort of their own home. This provides maximum scalability with zero continued effort on your part.

2) With a webinar, you get to touch people with your voice and they can see you. It’s possibly the next best thing to face-to-face interaction. The person viewing the presentation gets to know, like and trust you without actually coming into your office.

You can easily position yourself as a “go-to” expert and trusted resource if you do it right.

3) You get the advantage of being the first chiropractor in your local market to communicate in this fashion. People remember first, very few remember seconds.

I can pretty much guarantee that no other doctors in your town are reaching the masses in this fresh way so the opportunity is ENORMOUS at the moment.

4) You’ll bring exponentially more traffic to your chiropractic website and gain tremendous free exposure. Here’s the deal. When local Facebook users click on your ad to view the webinar, they’re directed to a normal Facebook app page.

When they click through to view the presentation, the app lets their friends know they’re watching it. Since the average Facebook user has well over 200 friends, this is great indirect referral traffic. This is so effective it’s crazy.

5) Prepare for your new patient volume to SURGE! Webinars have a track record of converting better than practically any other online marketing medium.

This is because you can build rapport quickly in a setting that’s comfortable for the viewer. They feel they have the power of choice and that they’re not being “sold to.”

Chiropractic health talks on Facebook can add a powerful new dimension to your marketing and communication with the public. They’ll help you spread the message of chiropractic quickly, attract more of the type of patients you want, and dramatically increase your practice revenue.

The sooner you get involved, the better.

Because I believe this system so much and have seen it work incredibly well with dozens of my clients, here’s what I’m going to do for a limited time.

When you invest in the FB webinars system at this link for your own practice, I’m going to give you The Ultimate Facebook Ads Marketing Blueprint as a special bonus!

Facebook ads are the best way to flip-a-switch and drive traffic to your automated webinar.

I need you to know how to do it right so you get the best ROI and achieve the lowest cost-per-click on Facebook.

This course sells every day for $97 but it’s yours free when you get started doing webinars on Facebook. Just email your receipt to after you sign-up. I look forward to hearing your success story!

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  1. Sara says:

    Great blog, can’t wait to exercise this in the practice!

    Marketing Assistant

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks Sara. It’s a very powerful marketing strategy.

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