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Simple Trick Gets QUALITY Facebook Fans Fast

Here’s a simple trick you can use today to get HIGH-QUALITY Facebook fans and traffic very quickly. Very few chiropractors, small businesses and online marketers are harnessing  this super effective viral tactic.


Here’s the link I was referring to in the video where you can grab the 2 hour, content-packed Facebook ads teleseminar, transcript, and special goodies.

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Matthew Loop is an author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps brands, startups, and small business owners multiply their influence, impact, and income by harnessing the power of the Internet. Since 2005 he’s trained over 21,000 clients in 25 countries. Millions have viewed his free business growth tutorials online. Connect with him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


6 Responses to “Simple Trick Gets QUALITY Facebook Fans Fast”

  1. Nathan Hull says:

    There is some great advice in this video but I have to disagree with you on one point. “Buying fans is a garbage tactic” is not exactly the truth. Just 2 reasons to buy fans 1) Buy the first 25 fans so you can claim your Facebook vanity URL as fast as possible and 2) it is good to buy a few hundred targeted fans on a brand new fanpage just for the social proof aspect. A person is more likely to click the like button if he/she sees that there are already fans of the page. They want to naturally be a part of something that is already popular and trust the page to be higher quality if it has fans. they are not very likely to click the like button if the page only has a few fans because they think the quality is probably subpar and there are always more settlers then pioneers. i completely agree with the rest of the content in your video.

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Nathan… I do get what you’re saying but if you have a compelling Facebook landing page set-up before you start driving traffic, you’ll easily accumulate “likes” quickly, build trust, get opt-ins, and create good-will within your market.

    I haven’t met a person yet that’s been able to really monetize a fan page of purchased fans.

  3. Matt,
    I’m not sure which FB Social plugin you’re referring to. If you do a search on FB for Facebook social plugin they will list: Send, Comments, Activity Feed, Recommendations, live Stream, etc. Obviously you want to be able to make comments on other peoples blogs in your niche and create curiosity so visitors to those blogs like your FB fan page. Thanks, Steven

  4. Matthew Loop says:

    I was referring to the FB comment plugin that could be installed on your site. Ideally, you would like to find other related or local blogs with that same plugin, then post a comment with your Fan page 😉

  5. i watched your You Tube video and i like a lot of your ideas i was wondering you it would be possible to use your same strategies and ideas to promote a band or even someones music in general, i noticed you mentioned a lot of businesses but a lot of musicians treat their bands just like a business.

  6. Matthew Loop says:

    Justin… Yes, definitely. Bands can easily benefit by the same social marketing strategies to get their music into a targeted audiences hands. They should absolutely treat the band like a business since it’s good to get paid well for doing what you love.

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