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Chiropractic Neurology Marketing Tips

Here are some highly effective chiropractic neurology marketing tips for doctors looking to attract more new patients with brain-based disorders. Click the play button below and watch the short video now.

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6 Responses to “Chiropractic Neurology Marketing Tips”

  1. Lara Cawthra says:

    Great info, easy to implement

  2. Glad to hear you took some of Carrick’s Modules. I went through the his entire diplomate program 3 times it was so powerful. If done correctly you will have many allopathic doctors referring to you. Always make sure every time you see a referral you always write a short report of your findings and your treatment to the referring doctor. The reports alone will generate enough referrals to fill your practice.

    Dr. Alan Weinstein

  3. Dr. Ned says:

    I’ve been doing Carricks program inconsistently for some time now. The answer to this question may be beyond a a blog post, but what are the most effective ways to make lunch appointments with doc’s?

  4. Carrick courses are phenomenal. I have been using chiropractic neurology in taking care of children with neurobehavioral disorders with amazing results for the last 10 years. Thanks to great tips like using the Internet for specialty positioning has been a game changer. I find that “brain-based” patients are more eager for what we have to offer. MDs have started referring, we command higher prices and even have a 2-3 months waiting list for our ADHD program.

    Thanks Matt for promoting and help promote this beautiful approach to chiropractic.

  5. Matthew Loop says:

    Dr. Ned… You want to get to know the office manager since they’re really the gate-keeper for the MD. Call them up directly and schedule an appointment. Just say you’re a local doctor looking for a family physician (or another type) to refer patients to. Of course, you want to meet the doctor in person first before referring.

    Awesome Dr. Yannick! … I agree. It’s a great specialty and patients gladly pay your higher fees because you’re able to help them in ways that other physicians cannot.

  6. Matt, as always, great advice. DCs just need to act like and expect to be treated as a fellow professional. Sadly, many MDs I have met and work with have a higher opinion of Chiropractic than far too many Chiropractors! That’s why work like this is so very important to the future of this wonderful profession which ends suffering for millions of patients day in and day out.

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