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2 Great Examples of SMS Marketing

I just wanted to show share with you a couple recent campaigns I came across in regards to SMS marketing, otherwise known as text message marketing. I was in the mall when I snapped these photos with my iPhone

Companies are aggressively and cost-effectively using this SMS marketing to generate substantially more leads, traffic, and new customers.

If you’re smart, you’ll observe what big corporations like this are doing and clone it for your current business. These guys spend hundreds of thousands of dollars testing what works and what doesn’t.

It’s only a matter of time until critical mass is hit in the small business market.

This is because the average response rate is between 11-30%. That means, every single time you send a text to 100 people, you can expect between 11 and 30 to take the desired action you tell them to.

Two things that work well are contests (like you see above on the right) and creating a VIP list so loyal members gain access to cool, new stuff before anyone else. People like to feel they’re important.

You can post signs on the front desk of your office or have a window decal to get the word-out.

Many doctors, professionals, politicians and retail chains are using text messaging in their offline marketing on the radio, in newspaper inserts, and on television. SMS marketing is very easy to promote online, too.

Ready to jump-in and see what all the fuss is about?

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