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How to ALWAYS Stay 2 Steps Ahead of Competitors

Over the years, I’ve received a tremendous amount of feedback from chiropractors and other professionals about how I always seem to be two steps ahead of the other social media consultants. In lieu of this, I thought I’d share some personal insight and tips so you can ALWAYS be ahead of every competitor in your marketplace, too.

When I refer to “ahead,” I’m not talking about sharing the newest tactic or gimmick either.

I’m speaking about how you can strategically be known as the unrivaled authority in your local market, which creates dramatic practice / business growth and surges of REAL recurring income in your bank account.

If you want to be perceived the go-to expert and ahead of the times, do the following:

Attend Industry Seminars:

The fact is, the vast majority of people do not make time to go to premier live events in their industry and network. This is such a big mistake and is a primary reason most will never be a market leader. These seminars are where “the players play,” if you will.

You get to access other successful doctors and brainstorm new effective ways to build your practice. The best way to grow fast, is to learn from someone that’s doing better than you are. Many creative ideas are usually spawned at these events and later trickle down to the masses.

By the time  this happens, you already have an incredibly large head-start on competitors.

I personally make it a priority to be at the top industry seminars each year, regardless of where they’re held. The ideas I usually pick-up and implement in my businesses while I’m there are typically worth 20-50x  what I invested for the seminar.

Stay Dialed-in to the Top Networks and Resources:

Always stay current and pay attention to trends. Information can change in the blink of an eye and if you’re current, you’ll be more looked-upon as a go-to expert. There are usually top news websites and publications that  you can receive to keep abreast of what is going on.

If you’re a chiropractor, maybe you want to stay tuned to the newest health related news. If so, you could subscribe to as an example. Be a connector of information and a trusted resource for your audience.

Be Passionate and Enthusiastic About What You Do:

Passion and enthusiasm are strong motivators and they are contagious! If you already love what you do, it’s easy to stay juiced and immersed in new developments within your field of expertise. This keeps you focused and ahead.

Passion can make it easy to sift through and disseminate information to your base. It can also help you create a subconscious habit that keeps you charging forward and on purpose.

Participate in a High-Level Mastermind:

These are paid masterminds that the top gurus in your industry belong to. These groups are in every profession and there’s usually an investment. What you invest will pale in proportion to how much more your business profits grow in comparison. This is one of the best ways to stay ahead.

There’s an old saying that’s goes, “your network equals your net worth.” It typically holds true. Masterminds open your mind and business up to different ways of growth. It often takes a successful outsider to objectively look at your business and reveal overlooked paths of profitability.

Charge More for Your Service:

Who has a higher consultation rate, a general practitioner or a neurosurgeon? The answer is obviously a neuro. Why? It’s because he’s a specialist and an expert in the brain and spinal column.

Having a low-fee structure subconsciously tells people that you’re a dime-a-dozen and possibly the same as the guy down the street. Real experts always charge a premium. People expect to pay more for the best, too.

Charging more allows you to have more money to spend back on your patients / customers and enables you to have the funds to out-spend other competitors to stay ahead.

Of course, if you want to charge higher fees, you must provide a valuable VIP experience for clients and you need to fuse your unique selling proposition into your marketing. Clear differentiation in your marketing message is key.

Be Resourceful

No one can out-work or out-hustle me when I apply my focus to something…. absolutely no one! It’s probably not because of the reason you think, though. I don’t actually do all of the work myself. I have a team of specialists that I’ve built so I can leverage my time to get more done.

Mastering the art of strategic delegation can place you leaps and bounds over anyone else in your market. Most doctors / professionals try to do everything themselves, which is a critical error. On top of that, they usually don’t follow a proven system that guarantees results.

Most simply trade their time for money without any sort of leverage whatsoever. These individuals are NEVER able to keep-up with competitors I’ve personally trained. Resourcefulness and delegation are critical to staying ahead.

Taking the advice on this blog post will allow you an unfair advantage in your local market, as no other chiropractors will be able to compete. If you’re really interested in being the top authority, check out some of my other highly insightful posts on this blog, too.

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5 Responses to “How to ALWAYS Stay 2 Steps Ahead of Competitors”

  1. Excellent information! Thank you

  2. Paul says:

    Hey Matt – what would you consider VIP service?

  3. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Paul… The VIP experience or service is usually in the fine details. Could be something as simple as coffee or food being offered to patients. Or, feeling like they have a personal assistant taking care of them at all times in the office. In many instances, it starts when someone walks into the office. Is their first impression a “wow” or not?

  4. Marc says:

    Matt, any tips on how to build or pick the right team member to begin delegating to?

  5. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Marc… Depends on what exact position you’re looking to fill. There are definitely dos and dont’s you must consider. Email me and we can discuss…

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