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How to “Out-Cool” your Chiropractic Marketing Competition

The idea of being perceived as more cool than your chiropractic marketing competition may seem a bit childish at first, but after you read this blog post you may have a different perspective. I wish I could take credit for the “out-cool” principle, but I cannot. Several years ago, I heard Frank Kern introduce this concept then realized this was a large reason why I’ve been able to garner such a massive, loyal following (local and international) in such a short period of time. Here are four rules to go by, that when push comes to shove, a potential new patient / customer will think you’re more sensational and choose you as opposed to the other guy.

Chiropractic Social Media MarketingRule #1 Give away the farm. When I started publishing content online, it wasn’t easy at first to give away some of my best health information or most effective practice / internet marketing strategies. This was because I was operating in an older paradigm model where I thought that I needed to hold-out or be a little stingy with what I chose to share. In a sense, I was conditioned that way from what I observed as a normal practice in the chiropractic industry.

When I began to pay attention to some of the most visible marketers in chiropractic a few years ago, I started doing what they did. I didn’t realize until after, this was a poor decision. The marketing was very separatist, ego-driven and “me, me, me… look at how great I am” oriented. While I captured many people into my funnel trying to mimic this style, I alienated quite a few since I wasn’t being fully authentic.

Then, I learned an age-old lesson…. Givers gain.

Once that clicked, then it became my goal to provide value to build trust and a loyal fan base. By providing barrier-free, accessible and achievable solutions for others, my phone began to ring off the hook from people that wanted to pay me for more. Face it, marketers, doctors, or other professionals that give away truckloads of free information (the stuff you can apply today) are cool, wouldn’t you agree?

Rule #2Refer some patients to other chiropractors. Look, if you’re a DC that specializes in pediatrics, wouldn’t it be great to have a relationship with a chiropractic neurologist locally in case you get family members that have had a stroke? YES, of course it would. Most DC’s I ask don’t have referral relationships with other chiropractors, which is only hurting them. Don’t be too competitive that it blinds you from doing the best thing for your patient or customer and prevents a referral relationship from forming. Also, by referring to another chiropractor (for this example), it says a great deal  about your character.

Let me relay another example. When I first broke into chiropractic social media / online marketing, one of the first things I did was go to Google and find the major, high ranking players in the market. I then picked up the phone (emailed some) and talked with them on their level establishing a relationship. I remember sitting in Las Vegas after a chiropractic seminar I spoke at with one of my first Joint Venture partners, asking him why it appeared that many recognizable figures in the industry didn’t collaborate. He told me that it was basically outdated mindset and unlike the internet marketing community which I had been accustomed.

So, what’s the end point here? Put your ego on the shelf and swallow your pride. You’re much more cool in the eyes of others if you work with your competitors. You’ll both get where you want to be much faster this way.

Rule #3Be different and interesting. Don’t be a lame statue. While it may seem captain obvious has taken over the keyboard for the moment, it’s so true. People want to see a personality online, not just a stone face. Don’t be afraid to be yourself even for one second. Nowadays, it’s easy to spot a fake a mile away. Engage your audience and ask open ended questions. Then, respond and begin to build a community.

Take others on a journey with you. When you watch my videos on my DCincome channel on YouTube, you’ll see that I take the viewer with me to Costa Rica, South America, etc… This is purposely done to further facilitate bonding with my core base and to allow others that stumble across me to connect on a deeper level. You see very few doctors and professionals that utilize this powerful “different” technique.

Rule #4Be the experience. One of my mentors would always say, Matt, even though you think you want the Aston Martin, you really don’t. He knew that what I truly wanted was the rockstar feeling and “experience” associated with having the super high-end car. Life is about experience and if you want more patients / business, you must make the potential client feel like they’re going to have a similar outcome or be part of the fun!

Look around, how many business owners in your local market are doing this. It’s always the same old boring stuff. Show the potential patient / client a glimpse into their future and let them share the good life with you. Business owners that actually live life to the fullest and pursue experience and help others get the same fulfillment are cooler than those who don’t. What do you think?

If you’re interested in being the “Joe Cool” of the town (or in your online niche market) then begin to implement what’s been revealed here and you’ll be the obvious choice in your potential new patient / customers mind. It’s also a good idea to analyze your own buying habits and observe how you make the selection between business A and business B for your needs.

Let me know your thoughts and make sure to comment below 🙂

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  1. Dr. Matt,

    I completely agree with your rules especially number 3 for business owners. Since implementing your program and shifting my ideas, my business has exploded. Thanks for all of your help and good work.

    Todd P. Sullivan, DC

  2. Ditto on #3. Don’t be one of the sheople. Be unique.

  3. Dr. Keith says:

    Planning is the most important part of any marketing strategy.

  4. Dr. Angela says:

    Be You, I fully agree. Also, as a profession, it is my hope that we will be more open to working together and utilize the unique talents for the patients benefit=refer within our profession! 🙂

  5. Matthew Loop says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Dr. Angela!

  6. Robin Hood says:

    This is one of the top 3 blogs I have ever came across.


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