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[Replay] 7 Steps to Ending Chiropractic Insurance Dependency

WOW! This was one of the most timely and important events I’ve participated in. What was shared on this private teleclass can easily transform your life as a chiropractor, allowing you to finally practice on YOUR terms and collect a professional income.

No more submitting a claim, waiting 1-2 months, only to get paid a tiny fraction of what you’re worth.

You’ll discover how to break-free from the headache and desperation of insurance dependence. The audio you’re about to hear is packed with practical information you can apply today, too.

The writing is clearly on the wall.

Dr. Gentempo’s startling predictions a few years ago have come true. If you’re insurance dependent, your practice is UNSUSTAINABLE and on borrowed time!

Take some time today, shut yourself away from distractions and listen to this.

Here’s what you’ll discover on the teleclass:

7 simple steps that are guaranteed to get you off of the chiropractic insurance “hamster wheel” for good.

The 4 fears most doctors face when breaking the insurance addiction and how to charge through them.

Shocking stories of what’s already happen now in several states and how you can PROTECT your practice from  dramatic drops in insurance reimbursement.

And much more…

Visit this link to hear the recorded replay while it’s still available.

If you currently own a practice that relies on insurance payments, you must get with the times. If you seriously want seriously THRIVE this year and beyond, then this information is for you.

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