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[Replay] The Corporate New Patient STAMPEDE!

What an AWESOME event!! Tonight’s highly anticipated call with the new patient maven, Dr. Brad Glowaki, was chock-full of valuable tips and solid practice growth strategies! The doctors on the call received some special unannounced bonuses, too.

Not only did chiropractors learn how to crush-it with corporate marketing methods that are working now (and have generated millions), but they also got specific examples of how to apply the concepts to get a SURGE of new patients at their next event.

I really put Dr. Brad on the spot and he delivered BIG, handing over some gold nuggets and top patient attraction secrets from his incredibly successful practice in California.

Did you miss the event?

No problem. We recorded it. Click the play button below to listen-in for a limited time.

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What was shared could easily transform your practice in a couple weeks OR LESS. Take some minutes today, shut yourself away from distractions and really internalize what you hear.

Here’s what you’ll discover on the call:

1. How to get more qualified new patients in ONE MONTH than many chiropractors get in a single year (while having fun doing it!)

2. How to actually pick your ideal New Patients so they don’t pick you.

3. The key to creating your own marketing venues, and corporate talks for lunch and learns

4. The right individual / gatekeeper to speak with at corporations so your chances of getting-in exponentially increase (and it’s not the HR person)!!

5. The secret to targeting the WHO, before the how to do it.

6. How to find viable audiences to speak to live, so it creates a “serendipitous occasion”

7. What to say in a corporate talk that will dictate the level of trust with a new patient.

8. How to “close” an event to get the most patients WITHOUT strong arm selling. Audience members are practically begging to come see you! (this strategy is absolutely brilliant)

9. Why pre-qualifying new patients saves you time, and allows you to vacation

10. Which groups to AVOID! Stop wasting your energy with this one!

11. And much more…

Here’s what to do next

Click the play button on the above audio player to listen to the recorded replay. To be frank, not listening to this call would be like throwing away a winning lottery ticket.

It’s NOT a pitch fest.

I grilled Dr. Brad to extract highly effective marketing strategies most of the profession is NOT using. We also included a revealing Q & A session at the end of the call where other chiropractors got to ask questions.

You better believe the information discussed is going to accelerate your practice growth by leaps and bounds! Do not miss your one and only chance to eavesdrop.

If you have questions after the call, feel free to email Dr. Brad at maven@newpatientmaven.com or call 562-673-9355.

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  1. Marc says:

    Thanks for the replay Matt. We have always found Dr Glowaki’s ideas great.

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    You’re welcome, Marc. Brad’s a true master of communication.

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