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San Diego Chiropractic Seminar Helps Practices Flourish!

The Philosophy, Fame, and Fortune of Chiropractic seminar being held in sunny San Diego is one of the MOST anticipated and exciting chiropractic seminars that will take place this year… period! Visit this link to view the details of the event.

Expert speakers include Dr. Timothy Gay, Jairek Robbins, Dr. Jim Sigafoose, myself, and Dr. Frank Sovinksy.

Also, there will be a special guest appearance and book signing by best-selling author Michael Gerber. He’s an acclaimed legend in the entrepreneurial world. INC. Magazine
 actually called him “the World’s #1 Small Business Guru.”


You will walk away with a wealth of philosophical information, insight, and a renewed sense of self purpose.

You will step into your practice Monday morning feeling alive, invigorated, and fresh with a reinforced foundation of chiropractic philosophy, inspiration, and love for what you do.


Discover the little-known marketing secrets that will make you THE chiropractor of choice in your local area. New and improved marketing, advertising, website, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, social media, and fame-building methods techniques will be revealed during this two day event.


Experience a new drive and future for chiropractic infused with philosophy, fame, and fortune. The right place is here. The right time is now. You will learn the EXACT steps it takes to build a successful and profitable practice that runs efficiently, effectively, and financially sound.

This event is hosted by Ultimate Practice.

The vision is to create a growing network of chiropractic doctors that work together to create a paradigm of change and strengthen chiropractic for their patients, families, and loved ones.

By assisting chiropractic doctors in achieving ultimate results in their practice will in turn allow us to reach countless numbers of patients in receiving the benefits of chiropractic care.

Seating is very LIMITED so please view this page to register now. Join us for the philosophical, chiropractic, and business building event of the year!

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