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The ULTIMATE Pinterest Marketing Blueprint for Chiropractors

This important blog post concerns a new practice building training I put together regarding the HOTTEST new social network, Pinterest! It consists of 5 exclusive video tutorials and a soup to nuts 17 page PDF guide (with an easy-to-follow task list).

The course covers everything you need to know about harnessing this traffic generating powerhouse WITHOUT spending one dime.

After spending countless hours on Pinterest (in the last couple months), I’m FINALLY ready to share with you the golden nuggets, short-cuts, tricks and tactics that are driving free traffic and exposure like crazy!

This is early adopter stuff so if you like to be ahead of the curve (and get a leg-up on local competition), this is definitely for you.

No theory here as I’ve personally tested these methods with and have seen extraordinary traffic results. Get ready for some fresh, never before released Pinterest marketing strategies that generate windfalls of traffic and add to your chiropractic practice revenue.

You won’t find another chiro consultant or management group that’s invested time or has the experience when it comes to profitably using Pinterest either. In fact, no training on this widely talked about social network has ever been offered to chiropractors before.

The truth is, not knowing these marketing strategies is causing you to miss-out on vast amounts of free local traffic.

This is a LIMITED TIME offering to pull back the curtain, and walk you step-by-step through profitable chiropractic marketing on Pinterest. This is NOT a pitch-fest product and there will be no selling. Social Media Elite and personal coaching members get this course absolutely free.

Mark my words… This will be one of the MOST important chiropractic social marketing trainings of 2012. You won’t hear any re-hashed mumbo-jumbo either. Just solid practice-building content!

WARNING – There will be a small investment required for this practice building training

There are four necessary reasons for this:

1) This is premium information that will give you an UNFAIR competitive edge in your town or city. These methods have never been publicly released and no other coach or consultant has experience when it comes to Pinterest.

2) You’ll be provided direct email access to me in the event you have questions. Chances are, if you encounter an obstacle, I’ve already been there and can keep you moving forward without hiccups.

3) Those fortunate enough to grab a copy of this powerful training won’t have to waste time, energy, and effort trying to reinvent the wheel. Just plug and play from my experience that will put you on the fast-track.

4) Those that pay for information are generally more likely to apply what they learn since they have “skin-in-the-game” The last thing I want is to give away top-notch marketing tactics only to have a low percentage of doctors apply them.

What I’m going to share works exceptionally well at generating windfalls of website traffic and I only want those who are truly serious about practice growth to have access.

Don’t worry, though.

The training is RIDICULOUSLY affordable even for those on a tight budget. Setting-up and managing a profitable, Pinterest marketing campaign after you go through this info will be EASY!

Here’s what You’ll Discover in the Course

1) How to set-up the perfect Pinterest profile that makes you the “go-to” authority

2) A plethora of new strategies to increase your follower count / audience FAST!

3) How to make your chiropractic website and content “pin-ready”

4) The real secret to getting traffic from Pinterest and how to get dramatically more “re-pins.”

5) A simple, 6-step task list you can EASILY follow to maximize traffic and exposure from Pinterest.

6) What promotion methods WORK the best at getting attention. You get to reap the rewards from my extensive

7) How to find and search what IMAGES pull traffic and clicks like crazy.

8) How to get people OFF of Pinterest and into your office

9) Much, much more…

As you can see, this is a content-packed training that you’d have to be CRAZY to miss-out on if you’re using social media now

Get Started Now Here <— Click here

Here’s what this Pinterest Training WILL do for you:

1) Get you exponentially more targeted local traffic to your chiropractic website WITHOUT spending any money on advertising.

2) Help you get more new patients from social media WITHOUT doing hardly any more work. (this can be easily delegated)

3) Help make you the most widely recognized and FAMOUS chiropractor in your local area

4) Add a new dimension to your online marketing which gives you a leg-up on other chiropractors in your town.

5) And much, much more

When you see what I have to share and how much this is going to multiply local traffic to your practice website, you’re going to be absolutely amazed.

If you wait, you LOSE!

The same thing happened with YouTube and Facebook. Those that waited to get on had far less opportunity that those doctors who dove-in early.

Seriously… how do you think I came out of nowhere and became a prominent voice and respected authority in our profession?

It wasn’t by accident.

This is high demand information now that Pinterest drives more website traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ combined!

Yes, you read that correctly…

Here’s what to do next

If you want the unfair advantage, more website traffic, greater exposure, and increased patients from social media, you’ll grab a copy today!

Get Started at this Link <— Click here

Once you get started at the link above, you’ll be sent an email and be directed to the easy access download page. Can’t wait to share these fresh patient getting strategies with you.

The cost barrier on this training is VERY low for the moment but it will be increasing in the near future.

Don’t wait!

You won’t find this information about effectively marketing your practice with Pinterest anywhere else! As mentioned previously, Social Media Elite, Personal coaching and Total Immersion Day clients get access to this powerful training at no charge.

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About the Author

Matthew Loop is an author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps brands, startups, and small business owners multiply their influence, impact, and income by harnessing the power of the Internet. Since 2005 he’s trained over 21,000 clients in 25 countries. Millions have viewed his free business growth tutorials online. Connect with him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


4 Responses to “The ULTIMATE Pinterest Marketing Blueprint for Chiropractors”

  1. Dr. Jodi says:

    If I already have a personal Pinterest account with a lot of followers, should I create a business one, using my business name, or should I continue to use my personal one and start adding chiropractic boards?


  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Jodi… Awesome! No need to create two accounts. In the video tutorials and the PDF manual, I go over how to create a great profile and how to create pin-boards that interact local peeps 🙂

    Represent yourself, then feature your business. People want to connect with real people when it comes to social media.

  3. Vini says:

    Hi Matthew, my name is Vini we met this weekend at the FM Success Summit. I appreciate all that you have done for our profession and for paving the way for the success of other DC’s. You’ve already answered this question above in 2012. Since then Pintrest has a “Business” option. Would you still recommend set up a personal page vs. a business page? Thanks again.

  4. Matthew Loop says:

    It was nice to meet you, Vini. Yes, you’ll want to also have a business page on Pinterest. Set-up your personal profile first, then do the practice page. It’s a good idea to have both 😉

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