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This Facebook Advertising Hack Makes You More Profitable

After personally investing over $300,000 in Facebook advertising and managing over a million dollars in ads for clients, there are many powerful lessons I’ve learned along the way. Just like in other forms of life, experience proves to be the best teacher again. I’d like to reveal one of those “golden nuggets” in today’s blog.

Here it is, short and sweet.

If you use Facebook advertising, do yourself a favor and start with a smaller daily budget of around $7.

Once you get your cost per click between .10 and .33 cents, then you can slowly scale the budget up to your desired amount.

Why do you want to do this?

It’s because if you start with a higher daily budget like $50, $100, or $1,000… Facebook will JACK-UP the cost per click regardless of how compelling your ad is.

They’re getting real sneaky, folks.

Facebook will steal your cash if you’re not careful.

If we didn’t test so much, we would’ve never figured-out this secret. I’ve had people pay me A LOT of money for advice like this because it saves you so much and gets you more clicks for the same ad spend.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you’re getting over .33 cents per click, you’re doing something seriously wrong. Your ad does not grab attention like it should or does not target the right market. Our best ads run between .08 and .22 cents per click on average. That shows you what’s possible.

Your goal is to get your cost per lead at $1.00 or below. By “lead” I mean someone that gives you their name / email in exchange for a free report, video training, cheat-sheet, software demo, etc.

When you hit these metrics I’ve mentioned in this blog and adjust your Facebook ad budget accordingly, get ready to watch your online profits soar!

I’ve got your back.

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