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Top Earners and Achievers ALWAYS Do This

If you’re not at the income level you want to be right now in your practice or online business, it’s likely you’re not attending the right seminars (or any at all). It’s also likely you’re not involved in a high level mastermind group filled with those who are where you want to be in business.

You see, constantly sharpening your marketing skill-set with the best of the best in your industry is what separates the high achievers from the average majority. There is no better way to do this than at a live, face-to-face event either.

This is the #1 thing that I’ve noticed with top earners. They always mastermind and network with those who are at or above the level they’re currently at.

The main reason for this is for rapid business growth, expansion, and short-cuts to increased income. It helps them improve their game fast.

Pros understand the value of their time and speed of knowledge / systems acquisition whereas amateurs think there’s “always tomorrow.”

It’s important to understand that investing in your ability to become MORE effective (in your marketing and in business) is relatively inexpensive, no matter what the upfront cost usually is.

Here’s an example:

I was just at a seminar about a month ago where I paid $2,997 for 2 days to hang-out and learn from some of the TOP direct response marketers on the planet. These guys make millionaires regularly and turn the average millionaire into multi-millionaires.

Some of these seminar speakers are responsible for the late-night infomercials you see on television and some are behind the biggest and most lucrative online product launches to date.

The great thing is, the knowledge I walked away with I can implement instantly. I can already tell the strategies will be worth tens of thousands of dollars immediately to my businesses.

Over the long-term, I estimate in the hundreds of thousands.

The small upfront investment I paid is nothing compared to what applying what I’ve learned will equate to in REAL dollars in my pocket. It happens the same, time and time again.

This is why I’ve personally invested over $85,000 in seminars, mastermind groups, and learning systems in recent years. I’ve made a serious commitment to my real world education.

The amount YOU grow in business income is directly proportional to how much YOU develop and sharpen your marketing skill-set. This is true of any business offline or online.

Not getting the results you want? Start investing more in your business and associate with the best. Marketing is everything and is responsible for how well you do financially.

Do what it takes to connect with the A-players. Success is contagious!

Private seminars and mastermind groups allow you to reach your desired income at an exponentially faster rate.

I’ll use the Michael Jordan analogy here.

MJ didn’t become great by practicing against competitors that were below his skill level. Early-on, he always made it a point to play against those that were better than him on the court so he could raise his game quicker.

Remember this. Everyone eventually pays the price. There’s no escaping it. You can either pay it now with a minimal investment or pay it later with pain, countless hours of wasted time, and costly hard knocks.

This fact is as reliable as the sun rising tomorrow. Why?

The reality is, super successful business owners and entrepreneurs don’t take you under their wing and let you learn their lucrative marketing systems for free. They’ve spent thousands (in some cases hundreds of thousands or millions) perfecting their businesses.

However, a small few will let you clone their income producing systems for a tiny fraction of the cost you’d pay to go to the slow paced “school of hard-knocks.” If you truly understand the value of your time and modeling successful people, you’ll never be afraid to pull the trigger and buy speed.

Until you experience brainstorming and networking with the “who’s who” in your field, it’s hard to even fathom the power. Your homework is to commit to getting up close and personal and start attending live events.

QUESTION: What common characteristics have you observed with top earners and high achievers? Feel free to leave a comment below on this blog to let the community know.

And… since you understand what the top earners are doing consistently to grow bigger, what are you going to do with this knowledge?

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