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Who’s Your Marketing Accountability Partner?

During my years in business and also consulting with doctors and professionals, there’s been one thing that’s consistently separated the amateurs from the pros. It’s a success pattern / characteristic that practically all gurus use to get an UNFAIR competitive advantage over everyone else.

I’m referring to having an accountability partner.

Being involved in a high-level mastermind group has taught me a great deal about this concept. The more pressure I put on myself under the gun, the better I perform and the more results I generate. If I make a commitment to another, I feel obligated to follow-through.

Being held accountable by someone you respect reduces your failure rate by over 90%.


You see, the average majority of people aren’t afraid to let themselves down. They do it regularly and subconsciously lower the bar in regards to their success.

They tell themselves they’re going to do something (like lose weight) but rarely does the follow-through happen. It’s why most New Year resolutions are a joke.

There’s no real commitment or accountability.

When you commit and promise to another person that you’re going to get the task completed, the stakes are higher and your reputation is on the line.

It makes it very difficult just sit idle because of the fear of embarrassment and pain of disappointment you’d inevitably face.

Many times we could care less about letting ourselves down. However, in most cases, we don’t like to let others down especially when they put their trust and faith in us. This is a very strong psychological influence factor that you can heavily benefit from.

We all know that consistent follow-through is a skill-set that many business owners and entrepreneurs lack. Hence, the reason for never realizing the BIG goals they’ve set.

To the degree you follow-through in life determines your lifestyle quality and the amount of income you’ll generate.

Use this influence factor to your advantage and stack the chips so you always have an an accountability partner and coach.

If you study some of the most successful people on the planet, you’ll see that’s one of the most important things they’ve admitted to doing. Accountability makes you more focused, productive and gets you where you want to be in life much faster.

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