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W Fort Lauderdale Review

Normally, I don’t write company reviews on my blog but I felt compelled to do this one. This is also going to tie into a lesson about viral marketing and how you can get your customers to literally be disciples, spreading a powerful message for your business, service, or product while building brand loyalty like crazy!

Last weekend over the Labor Day holiday, I flew down to Florida to stay at the W Fort Lauderdale which is nestled on A1A close to the beach. It was a nice 4 days of relaxation, hanging-out with friends, snorkeling, and just living the good life.

I made the decision to stay there because I’ve had such memorable experiences here at W Atlanta Downtown during seminars, parties, and at one of my favorite restaurants, Spice Market.

From my experience, I feel the W is in a class of it’s own and unique in many ways.

It’s well-known as a premium destination and, in my opinion, one of the few places where the customer service and attention to detail REALLY live up to the hype. The architecture, aesthetics, inside decor, customer service and general ambiance set a wonderful tone for the guest experience.

Check out this video below:



Of all of the high-end hotel and resorts I have stayed at (with the exception of 1 other), I would say that the premium you pay is definitely worth it. Huhh?? You may be thinking, how can you justify $15 drinks and gladly pay it? Well, if you remember when I posted Online Entrepreneur Rules to Live By, you’ll recall a RULE in there that says:

You must charge a premium price so you have a large margin to provide an extraordinary value & experience

This is something that I learned (not soon enough) and have lived by in business ever since. Why would I expect a luxury establishment to feel any different? The fact is, I wouldn’t. Now, unfortunately high price isn’t always associated with quality, amazing value and experience. I think we all know that. However, don’t be afraid to seek-out a premium experience because you DESERVE the best in life.

I find it interesting that I haven’t been paid one cent to write this review of W Fort Lauderdale, yet feel so compelled to let my friends and colleagues know about what an incredible experience I had there.

There’s a big underlying message here that all businesses should take note of… wink, wink.

What does this mean to Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc (parent company of W)?

It means ongoing, positive free press, exposure, publicity, and website visitors coming from my high-traffic blog. This is helping them tap into yet another ripe market of potential customers who are interested in having an unforgettable experience at a high-end hotel. Talk about viral and referral marketing at its best!

Think about it for a moment. As a chiropractor, how many times have helped one patient and provided great service and then BAM, they refer you a slew of New Patients on an ongoing basis. Some may say those types of people are far and few between, however I submit to you that you can make those types of patients a regular occurrence!

Tell me that wouldn’t be great?

Having your customers, patients, or clients spread your message like wildfire is the byproduct of over-delivering, paying attention to the smallest details, making them happy, giving them an unforgettable experience, and having their needs / wants in mind as an integral part of your business model.

In fact, make them feel like a celebrity…

I strongly feel the W Fort Lauderdale does this very well, hence why I recommend you stay there if you’re looking for a memorable and trendy hot-spot. Several times during my stay, I had staff members go out of their way to help me and it felt GENUINE. With so much insincerity and surplus of generic people nowadays, this means a great deal.

Let me ask you this, how can you give your existing customers or patients an unforgettable VIP experience? What if one of them was in a position like myself, that could blast you out online to major outlets and get you MASSIVE exposure? You never know who you’re going to meet and it’s ALWAYS a good idea to give everyone the 5 star experience!

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts and ways you create a VIP experience for customers in your business. Leave a comment below and make sure to click the Facebook “like” icon too.

Helping you take more vacations 😉


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6 Responses to “W Fort Lauderdale Review”

  1. Samuel says:

    I have stayed at the W Hotels before and I can honestly say it is very difficult to return to my own bed after sleeping on theirs. The service is amazing on all levels. Great post Matt. Even though you didn’t get paid to write it, I’m sure the W Hotel will appreciate you making an honest unbiased opinion of one of their premier properties.

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks for the comment and I totally agree, Sam. The service has been excellent every time I’ve been, too 🙂

  3. Rob Metras says:

    A review coming from you on a hotel has all the hallmarks of a great endorsement. Imagine if they knew, like we do, that you are a world class traveler. Compared to the rest of us you travel more than most DC’s that I know. I too love the W and Westin brands.

  4. Nice work, Matthew. Enjoy your stuff. Look forward to meeting – hopefully in the lobby of an awesome W Hotel. They are fantastic, my wife and I often pick cities to visit based on whether or not they have a “W” – says a lot about the city!

    New one in Beantown. Nice.


    Dr. Stephen Franson
    CEO Bonfire Health, Inc.

  5. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks Dr. Stephen! They definitely set the bar…

  6. Nice post. As we always say, “There are 5 things every doc needs to build their practice.

    Build Credibility and Confidence
    Provide extensive health information they can access – all health info
    Brand yourself as a Source through Repetition
    Provide easy access
    Give them the VIP treatment

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