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Yelp Deleting Chiropractic Reviews! (and what to do about it)

Yelp is at it again! Here’s a quick video about a hot and controversial topic facing all chiropractors in practice. You’ll discover a simple way to increase the likelihood that your reviews stay on Yelp, rather than just being filtered.

You’ll also learn an overlooked way to repackage these reviews so you can use them over and over again to build social proof and attract more new patients.

Click the play button below to view this timely and IMPORTANT video.



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8 Responses to “Yelp Deleting Chiropractic Reviews! (and what to do about it)”

  1. Matt Prados says:

    Hey Matt, video doesn’t show on mobile devices.

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Matt… Give it a minute to load. It’s hosted on YouTube so it should appear.

  3. If anyone decides that they are going to report Yelp for deleting their reviews, make sure none of your reviews are fabricated because Yelp is going after those people that have uploaded false reviews. Manipulating reviews is a war you cannot win. Just remember no matter what social network your reviews appear on, do not post reviews by people that are really not patients or from friends you asked to review you or from questionable services. This is very important because even the LinkedIn Endorsements that people who do not even know you currently do should not be posted on you LinkedIn account. Just do not try to game the system it will come back to bite you on the butt.

    Dr. Alan

  4. I am having a huge pblm w/positive review constantly being taken down (patients w/ me for 15-20 yrs) and lousy reviews (from 1 timers) staying up for years. I have called, threatened & even currently pay $350/mo to Yelp thinking this would change. It continues. Now I pay $350/mo for bad reviews & they continue to filter the good ones. I am so angry!

  5. Yes, I had the same issue. 2 great, real reviews got filtered, one crap review from someone who lived in a diff state who came in on a coupon, left a neg review, and they payed that one.


    Btw, I’m excited to watch the vid but it won’t show up on mobile.

    Thanks in advance for the info

  6. Sorry posted… Not payed. (iPhone)

  7. Dr. Mike says:

    Dr. Loop it was great talking with you this weekend and it is great to see you did a video blog on it. Chirofest was awesome and your fresh approach to social media marketing was refreshing. Yelp in my opinion has a long way to go if it is going to earn back the trust of businesses who have been the focus of what could be called extortion. I appreciate Karen’s comments above as I can only imagine how she feels after our own frustrations with them.

    Like Dr. Loop told me on Sat… if you look at Yelps own reviews they aren’t that good….. lol. 🙂

  8. I lost about 20. When the salesperson was hectoring me to sign up for some $6000/year deal, I asked her about why they had gone. I figured from her answer that my mistake was to send out an email to all of my patients at once with a link, asking for a review. So it was the sudden appearance of many positive reviews coming in over a short period of time that red flagged them. As always, your instruction was very valuable. I will also encourage patients to review another business.

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