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Chiropractic Website Marketing Online: The Misconception

When speaking with chiropractors that want to use the internet as a profitable new patient source, one of the first questions I always ask is, “Are you currently doing any online marketing?” The standard answer I get from most is “Well, I have a website.”

Unfortunately, just having a chiropractic website is NOT synonymous with online marketing. Too many fall into the trap of thinking it’s the same, hence why many doctors are disappointed by their monthly new patient numbers from the web.

You must know how to get windfalls of traffic to that site and be able to test how well it gets potential new patients to call or come into the office.

That’s called conversion. Without sufficient traffic, though, it’s very hard to measure accurately.

I put together a short video below that you, as a chiropractor, will find very helpful at separating the fact from the fiction in terms of chiropractic website marketing online. Click the play button below and share your thoughts on this blog after.

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