Foursquare Marketing for Small Business

There’s no doubt that smart phones like the iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry are taking over. It’s estimated that by 2012, they’ll be the most frequently used mobile devices in the United States. Simply put, this means more apps are going to be surfacing and piles of money will be made in the meantime. It’s predicted that smart phone users will shell-out 6.2 billion on more than 4.5 million downloads.

Foursquare has positioned itself very well in light of the above statistics. It’s a location-based application that just hit over a million users this April and was built around a relatively simple concept. Just “check-in” at the places you like to hang-out (restaurants, bookstores, cafes, etc…) and leave tips for others. Foursquare marketing for small business is young but I can guarantee you’ll hear a lot more about this platform in the coming months.

Here’s a quick video that I created which walks you through Foursquare, then I show you how it works on my iPhone. You’re going to like it and I’m confident it will get the wheels turning on how you can apply this technology for your local or online business. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Talk soon ;)

- Matt

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Dr. Matthew Loop is an author, speaker, and the most sought after social media revenue strategist in North America. He’s famous for showing celebrities, entrepreneurs and small business owners how to create wildly profitable, sustainable 5 figure per month passive income streams by harnessing the power of the Internet. Connect with him on Twitter and Google+.


4 Responses to “Foursquare Marketing for Small Business”

  1. Great tip,,, Thanks so much Matt

  2. John P says:

    Thanks again Matt for the tips.
    I just sent you an email I hope we can do some business.


    John P

  3. Thanks Matt. I have a few patients that check in with Foursquare at my office, but I haven’t put much time into it. Thanks for the tip.

    Dr. Aaron Gaily, D.C.

  4. Matthew Loop says:

    You’re welcome :)

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