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How to use Facebook as a Chiropractor

After seeing so many chiropractors use Facebook the wrong way, I felt strongly compelled to provide some insight into how to use the mammoth social network the right way to build relationships, increase website traffic, and attract a SURGE of new patients month-in and month-out.

Practice empathy

For starters, doctors need to put themselves in the position of the other Facebook users. You don’t build relationships by dominating the conversation. You effectively build long-term relationships by actually listening to what your audience is saying, then providing the appropriate feedback.

Feedback on Facebook comes in the form of clicking the LIKE button on a status update, commenting on a friends post, or using the SHARE button. Make it a point to spend 10 minutes per day doing all of the above on friends that you find in your news feed.

The amount of feedback and value you provide is proportional to the amount of trust, rapport, and “street-cred” you build with your audience.

Proper Etiquette

Use it… dammit!! Just because someone accepts you as a friend DOES NOT give you the right to post any promo links to your fan page or website on their wall, in hopes that thousands of friends will see. That’s just bad manners.

It’s akin to eating mashed potatoes with your fingers at a 5 star restaurant. You’ll look like a self-serving fool if you do and you’ll end-up getting deleted you from the friends list.

Also, don’t place links in your messages when you send a friend request to someone for the first time. It just makes you look desperate for business and it’s annoying. You’ll find your acceptance rate dramatically decreases if you do this.

Engage your Friends and Fans

You can do this through the use of open ended questions, among other things. However, realize that there are a variety of personality types you’re connected with.

They don’t all respond to the same status update. Some may like health updates, some may like jokes, and some may like inspirational quotes. Mix it up!

Don’t Randomly Add Others to Groups

I don’t really need to say much here. This was one of Facebook’s worst ideas to date, letting other users add their friends to groups without their permission. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. If you don’t want to piss people off, don’t do this.

The right way is to send a message to the friend you’re looking to invite and politely ask them if they’d join your cause. Maybe give them some background about it and why you feel it’s important.

Create a Facebook Fan Page

Set-up a business page, also known as a Facebook fan page. Set this up in a way where you have a custom designed Facebook landing page. This is the place where a person would land the first time they come into contact with your fan page.

The goal of the custom Facebook landing page is twofold. One, to get the user to LIKE your page. Secondly, to provide an ethical bribe so they give their name and email to you.

I’d strongly recommend you have a professionally done video on your Facebook page, too. As you’re aware, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The company that did my video is here.

Use the Facebook Advertising Platform

This is the easiest way to flood your website with local, targeted Facebook traffic instantly. You can literally flip a switch and have potential new patients coming to your fan page or website like crazy. There so many little details you must know that’s why I created a course around it.

If you’re serious about mastering Facebook Ads, then you’ll want to download The Ultimate Facebook Ads Marketing Blueprint immediately so you can learn all of the tricks of trade from a chiropractor that’s spent over $101,000 on this medium.

You’ll discover things like which images pull clicks and traffic like crazy, how to achieve a rock bottom cost per click (CPC) every time, costly mistake 95% of chiropractors are making when marketing their Facebook Ads, the RIGHT way to follow-up with an interested lead on Facebook (99% of chiropractors NEVER do this), and much more…

Use Facebook’s Mobile Check-in Feature

I love this feature, seriously. Have EVERY patient with a smart-phone “check-in” on Facebook from their mobile device whenever they’re at your office. This Places feature gets you viral exposure since all of their friends on the social network will see where they’re at.

I’d strongly recommend provide some type of incentive for patients so they feel extra eager to check-in at your practice location for all of their friends to see. This is easy, endorsed viral exposure.

Post Valuable Content that Others Want to Share

You MUST provide value-driven, useful content that your Facebook friends / fans feel compelled to take action on. This action may include them clicking the LIKE button, commenting, or using the SHARE button to distribute it with their friends.

Think of this as the best form of endorsed referral traffic. The visitors that come from this viral marketing are of the highest quality and are most likely to use your chiropractic services.

Here, I’ve outlined several methods you can begin implementing today in your chiropractic practice to start using Facebook the right way. To discover how to take this information and turn it into exponentially more new patients and local fame, click this link.

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Matthew Loop is an author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps brands, startups, and small business owners multiply their influence, impact, and income by harnessing the power of the Internet. Since 2005 he’s trained over 21,000 clients in 25 countries. Millions have viewed his free business growth tutorials online. Connect with him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


6 Responses to “How to use Facebook as a Chiropractor”

  1. Kelly Hayford says:

    Oh no!! — I’ve been posting links to my page on people’s walls when they send a friend request. — Didn’t know it was considered spamming or that it would be sent out to all their friends. Had people do it to me, so thought it was a good idea. — Oops!

    So now I’m really embarrassed because people will think I’m a’ self-serving fool’ (I post A LOT of valuable content on my page, so thought I was doing them a favor.). Is there any way to remedy this? Should I send them an apology message? Or just leave it alone?

    Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    Kelly Hayford

  2. Dr. Kahn says:

    Thanks for sharing on how a chiropractors use a facebook, since there are tons of strategies on how to to your stuff in facebook.

  3. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Kelly… No need to send apologies or to be embarrassed. I’d just recommend to be careful in the future. Think of social media as one big party. If you go to a party, there are certain rules of engagement. You don’t just meet someone, then a few seconds later talk about business (even if your intention is giving valuable info away). Most people are “slow dates” and like to feel you’re interested in them first for the right reasons. That’s just how we are.

    For instance, one of the big reasons why many started to switch from Myspace to Facebook was the fact that people appeared to be less genuine since any friend request received or accepted would always contain links, etc…

    People don’t initially go to Facebook to find businesses or professionals (even though it’s becoming more common). They’re really there to hang-out with friends and meet new ones.

    When accepting a friend request, you can always post a thank you on their wall and ask an open-ended question to engage. You can even ask them how they came across your profile. That’s what I normally recommend 😉

  4. Kelly Hayford says:

    Thanks Matt — but I still feel embarrassed – lol!

    So what do you think about sending people message with link to your page? — I have had people do this to me as well and I don’t mind and am happy to ‘like’ their page. — But this is probably in the realm of spam as well I’m now beginning to think?

  5. Some great information. Sometimes I feel almost as awkward on facebook as I do at the cocktail parties. A little guidance goes a long way!

  6. Bob says:

    Thanks for the tips Matt.
    I knew I haven’t been taking full advantage of
    the social media opportunity.
    Step by step wins the race
    Inch by inch it’s a cinch…with the right help that is!

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