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Marketing for Chiropractors: Tips on Increasing Productivity

Here’s a quick video about one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in my online business and chiropractic practice, hands down! I used to believe that the amount of money I made was proportional to the amount of “technical” know-how I possessed.

I thought, “When I know how to build / program a website, use Final Cut Pro, install a WordPress blog, I’ll be able to do better financially and attract new patients along with online customers.”

In a nutshell, I was wrong!

My thinking began to seriously shift when I started to meet and connect with self-made millionaires that didn’t even have a fraction of the tech knowledge that I did.

Watch this video below right now to discover what’s quite possibly the biggest reason you’re not growing or seeing the monetary results you want in your business.

Helping you take more vacations 😉

– Matthew

PS – Online marketing for chiropractors is changing rapidly. Make sure you have a look at my other chiropractic marketing blog posts for the newest information that will help you get New Patients without spending money on advertising.


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8 Responses to “Marketing for Chiropractors: Tips on Increasing Productivity”

  1. You are so right about trying to do it all at once. I’m bringing it down a notch to focus on just one or two things until I get them down and I’m also going to finally outsource some of it. Thanks Matt.

  2. As we show our clients if the average doctor makes $200.00 an hour seeing patients and spends 10 hours a week doing things they have no expertise in, rather than seeing patients, that is $2,000.00 a week $100,000.00 per year they are losing. If they would pay even $30,000.00 to someone to manage these non practice related issues, they would still be $70,000.00 ahead of the game.

    Dr. Alan

  3. So true. That’s me in a nutshell. Time to reevaluate and start delegating. Thanks. Matt

  4. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks Harris! … Very good explanation, Alan 😉

  5. Matt,
    I finally took the plunge a few months back and got a virtual assistant. As well, I look for tasks I can delegate. However, I have found it is crucial to be able to do the task myself, break it down into actionable steps and then delegate the task. Of course some things are fairly simple and don’t need as much detailed instruction.


  6. Some good stuff as always Matt. I enjoy your blog and videos. Keep ’em coming.

    Aaron Gaily

  7. michal says:

    Thanks to Mr. Matthew Loop who shared his experience with us. nice tips on Increasing Productivity .

  8. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks Aaron … Glad you enjoy the blog!

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