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Technique vs Marketing: Which One REALLY Attracts Patients?

So, which one do you think is responsible for attracting most of your new patients or clients? When first started in practice, I used to believe it was my technique because in school that was the primary educational focus.

However, when I got in the real world, I was met by a harsh dose of reality.

Since this is a chiropractic marketing blog, you obviously know where my stance is. However, it’s not just an opinion this time… it’s a fact.

Sales and marketing is BY FAR the #1 factor responsible for your new patient acquisition. The sooner you understand this and become a student of marketing, the more money income you’ll effortlessly generate.

Even if you have a highly unique and specialized practice that gets patients better that no one else can help, if you want to grow big, you’d be wise to master marketing.

“My practice is built on internal referrals,” some doctors say with a hoity toity voice.

Wake-up my friend, if you’re getting consistent internal referrals, you have a marketing system / script to generate them. You might not like to call your “internal referral system” a form of marketing because you despise the word… but it’s marketing.

But why stop at integrating just one effective patient generating system? What if you had a half-dozen new patient getting systems in place that brought-in patients hand over fist?

Never limit yourself or your practice growth possibilities.

Think a little bigger and out of your current box so you can achieve your desired practice growth and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about. By the way, I phenomenal book on the subject I recommend all chiropractors read is The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.

As another FYI….  If you trace back to the forefathers of chiropractic, it becomes very apparent that they understood how to sell themselves. The same thing with our industry leaders today.

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