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5 Chiropractic Marketing Tips using QR Codes

You may have seen or even used a QR code without realizing what it is. QR code stands for “Quick Response code” and they can be found in various places. A QR code is a two dimensional mark that you can scan with your smart phone to connect to a website, special offers, sign up list and more.

The code is represented by a black mark on a white surface (see below) and the information may be text, a URL, or other data. QR codes can be an effective way for you to market your chiropractic practice.

How the QR Code Works

The QR code works with any smart phone that has a camera. If your phone came with an app for reading these codes, you’re all set but if you need the app, they are easy enough to find on the Internet.

All such apps are free. Once the app is installed, a user is able to read any QR code with their phone, connecting with the information, link or site to which the code directs them.

How to Use QR Codes

Chiropractors can use QR codes in various endeavors. The ways in which they may be utilized is really only limited by the doctor’s imagination.

Here are five ways that you can use QR codes to generate more buzz and business:

1. Have one on your business card that will connect them to your site or a lead generation page.
2. If you sell nutritional supplements have a code on each price tag that offers a discount coupon for signing up for your newsletter.
3. Use the code on health related handouts that will connect the patient to an informative article on your website.
4. Use the QR code on your back pain / wellness handout that connects to products that you sell to relieve stress on the back.
5. Offer a code on their next appointment card that takes them to a video related to relieving stress, diet or another aspect of healthy living.

You may put codes on sales receipts, brochures, your chiropractic website and other places to encourage further sales, harvest emails, provide information or get people to subscribe to your text marketing service.

Interconnectivity and QR Codes

Why should you use QR codes in your chiropractic practice? First and foremost, they are easy for the consumer to use. If all someone has to do to connect to a special offer or to get your newsletter is swipe a code this makes the task virtually effortless and raises the odds of their actually accessing the information.

Also, the QR code says a few things about you as a chiropractor. It’s certainly an indication that you are up-to-date and connected to what is happening in this ever-changing world.

Patients will tend to see this as a good sign. Plus, you’re also seen as someone who wants to make it easy for others to connect with you and your practice. That makes you a proactive businessperson.

Finally, you are helping to simplify your patients’ lives by allowing them quick and easy access to you. This aids in creating a positive image of you in a community that is focused on the Internet and uses it each and every day. If that’s how they are living their lives, then it simply makes good sense for you to stay connected with them in this manner.

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  1. Great stuff Dr. Matt. We also recommend they create a QR code at http://www.likify.net/ which allows someone to actually become a fan of yours on Facebook. In fact we put those in the Cross Platform Widget so people can become a fan that way, and also print them on your posters at your lectures and screenings if they do those things. One of my favorite for the doctors that wear a logo on their clinic shirts or jackets is to have the QR code printed there and as you are wrapping up the adjustment have the patient actually take their smart phone and hit the shirt with it and they become a fan right there.

    Really cool stuff!

    Dr. Alan

  2. david says:

    hey mathew, Although i believe this is a great form of technology. I’m not sure this article will be applicable for probly another 30years in the chiropractic profession,LOL. I know docs that dont have computers! Great article though I never even thought about using these! I love the chiropractic blog it will definitly help with marketing.

  3. Matthew Loop says:

    Thank you, David… Too funny 😉

  4. I have been addicted to Google+ for a while now and was searching social media. That’s how I came across your article..Really great stuff keep it up!

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