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7 POWERFUL Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Justin Bieber

There are fans… then there are Justin Bieber fans. On this blog post, I thought it would be valuable to take a look at a few of the reasons that JB’s been able to build such liking, rapport, and strong relationships with his worldwide followers.

As you’re about to see, there is an exact science to creating a RAVING fan-base that would do whatever you ask at the drop of a hat. I’ve uncovered what I feel are the top 7 factors below.

1) Bieber personally interacts on social media.

You cannot even begin to imagine how enormous and powerful this is. Justin has over 27 million fans that follow him on Twitter. He’s consistently responding to questions, re-tweeting posts, and ACTUALLY participating in the conversation.

I respect the fact even as famous as he is, he isn’t one of the majority of brands / celebs that just “updates” or “notifies” his audience about happenings. You see, this engagement is the secret to turning fans into RAVING fans that are super loyal and buy all of your stuff.

You know something else?

This act of participating humanizes this larger than life star.

Fans don’t expect him to respond to the millions of Tweets that come-through after he posts.

However, the fact that he makes it a priority to respond, when his schedule is incredibly busy, says a lot about his character and commitment.

If Bieber can put the time in, so can you!

When JB responds to a comment on Twitter, it also tells followers that he’s listening and gives a damn about what they have to say. He’s showing he cares. Bar none, this is the single most important strategy any celebrity, company, or brand can do to increase loyalty and revenue.

2) He uses pictures to tell the story

As if the frequent personal engagement with fans wasn’t enough, JB will regularly send-out fresh photos to show followers a glimpse of his life. This makes his audience feel like they have inside access to him. You know, right there on the front lines.

These aren’t the professionally photo-shopped pics either. Pictures get clicks and exposure fast. They also can tell a deeper story than just text since most people are visual.

On a similar note, Justin’s story from singing on the street to stardom was brought to life on film. He started off like you and I…. with a dream. Then, this small-town boy turned YouTube sensation made it BIG. His inspiring personal story was a big part of why people connected with him.

3) He collaborates with other famous industry leaders.

The fastest way to penetrate a new market with a fresh audience is to find an industry leader and do a joint venture. This can be applied locally as well as on global scale. We see this all of the time in online marketing, however, it also happens quite regularly in the music business.

How many times this year have you heard a great song by an artist that features someone else in the track. It happens a lot. The guest artist has instant credibility since he’s side-by-side with the main talent.

People love local and international celebrities and instinctively give them credibility. This is a great lesson and tip for the average business owner.

JB is always seen with other media moguls and famous entertainers. It gets him in the door with new audiences via endorsement but also furthers public perception that he’s relevant and someone important to pay close attention to.

4) He’s authentic and humble.

I haven’t personally met JB yet but I can tell you actions speak louder than words. He appears very humble, grateful, and authentic. It shows in his interviews, fan interaction, and just about everything he does.

This is a reflection of the quality of family and friends he spends the bulk of his time with. For example, his agent, Scooter Braun, leads by example. Besides being a talented manager and entrepreneur, the guy is an incredible philanthropist and is always giving back.

Being humble and genuine is another reason why JB’s developed such a bond with his fan base and vice-versa. He’s not like a scripted, plastic mannequin politician. You know what I’m talking about.

5) He’s immune to criticism.

Haters will hate, however, JB’s is purpose-driven and it’s evident. No matter what you do in life, there will always be a select group of others that try to tear you down. If your passion is strong, though, you’ll remain UNSTOPPABLE.

Justin is a prime example of this. So many take undeserved shots at him (probably out of jealously). If he’s affected by criticism, he certainly doesn’t let it show.

It’s important to develop a thick skin so you’re unfazed when haters attack. They can also add fuel and fire to your purpose if you channel the energy appropriately.

6) He promotes his music constantly.

The music business is no different than many other businesses. If you want to be successful, establish a huge following, create fame, and generate an avalanche of sales / income, then you must ALWAYS be marketing.

Justin Bieber is everywhere! If you look on TV, listen on the radio or surf the internet, you’ll find his content all over the place. He’s always doing interviews and promotional events

The truth is, you could have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it you won’t get very far. Marketing and promotion are two of the most important skill-sets you could ever learn.

7) He’s committed to leaving legacy.

To have the mass platform that JB has is just amazing. The amount of people that can be impacted is mind boggling, too. This grand stage allows for Justin to leave a heroic legacy that will live-on long after he’s gone.

You don’t have to look too far on YouTube or in the news to see Bieber doing something that ads tremendous value to the world while giving people hope / inspiration at the same time. Almost everything he does has some charity component to it including his capital ventures.

Not to mention, he regularly makes surprise appearances at events, hospitals and foundations. Here are just a few of the causes he’s supported in the past:

– Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
– City of Hope
– Cure Duchenne
– Food Bank For New York City
– Give Back Hollywood Foundation
– GRAMMY Foundation
– It Gets Better Project
– Jumpstart
– Musicians on Call
– Pencils of Promise
– Red Cross
– Usher’s New Look Foundation

I believe many of JB’s fans understand his commitment to helping others and building a long-standing legacy. The great thing is, this makes followers want to be a part of the movement. They want to be involved with something bigger than themselves.

Truthfully, that’s the kind of thing that gets me pumped-up.

It’s so great to see someone creating MONUMENTAL positive impact on such a large scale like what Bieber has done at an early age. His presence changes and transforms lives for the better.

I’d welcome a similar mass platform to empower and inspire people.

There comes point in many individuals lives when they start to think about the legacy they’re leaving behind. I’m convinced many entrepreneurs desire to have an unforgettable impact, making the world a better place.

That’s a big reason why I love helping others turn their knowledge and passion into digital products that serve the masses. When you master this skill-set, you have the opportunity to exponentially earn more, experience more, and to pay it forward faster.

The world needs more entrepreneurs that are committed to a greater purpose.

To be in the public eye is one thing, BUT to be there for reasons that benefit humanity is another. Great wealth and fame (if used the right way) can allow you to have an infinitely larger impact in the world.

Yes, they’re both a means to and end yet so few public figures do what JB has done with his platform.

I think what he’s been able to accomplish thus far is simply astonishing. Entrepreneurs, brands and people in general could learn a lot from observing on a deeper level.

What do you think?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Who knows, maybe even JB himself and Scooter might share more insight here. Let’s see…

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