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Burberry: A Great Brand with Poor Social Engagement?

One of the BIGGEST mistakes made by major brands / celebrities on social media is a lack of reciprocal engagement with fans and customers. Allow me to clarify. Many companies feel that simply posting status updates or announcements on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ constitute social networking and interaction.

However, just like in real life offline, in order to successfully build a strong relationship both individuals need to participate in the conversation and be EQUALLY heard. Just “notifying” your audience of what’s going-on is like going to a party, doing all of the talking, and not listening nor being concerned with anyone else.

Here’s a quick video I created of one of my favorite companies, Burberry. I’ve been a loyal customer for years so this is more like constructive criticism than anything.

I will say the overwhelming majority of brands are making this same exact mistake revealed in the video and it’s limiting their revenue generated from social media to a small fraction of what it could be. In order to truly maximize effectiveness, these strategies shared in the clip need to be implemented.

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