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Before You Publish Another Chiropractic Blog, READ THIS FIRST!

One of the BIGGEST mistakes you’re probably making right now in your social media practice marketing is “dating” your chiropractic blog posts. I’m specifically referring to those dates visitors see when they find one of your articles, videos, or other content pieces online.

Why is this actually hurting you more than it’s helping?

The answer is simple.

Regardless of what type of content you regularly publish on your blog, it’s more than likely “timeless.” You know, if you’re talking about a certain condition or if you’re demonstrating exercises, etc.

That information is just as good now, as it will be in a year.

When you show the date on your chiropractic blog post, the content will appear OLD if it’s been online more than a week. I know, it sounds crazy, but that’s how people think in this fast-paced era of communication.

So, it’s important to be preemptive in our approach.

If your content appears stale upon the initial impression, people will stay on your blog for less time and will always be searching for something newer. If you’re not careful, this will be an Achilles heel in regards to your new patient acquisition efforts from social media.

Also, if you have your posts dated, the blog can show substantial time-lapses between postings or even when you posted last. This is not good at all, as the website visitor won’t think the content as fresh and applicable.

It’s important that prospective patients always perceive you as CURRENT and not out-of-touch.

If you’re currently with a chiropractic website company, send an email to their support staff and tell them to remove the dates on your blog posts. If you have a custom website or blog, contact whoever created the site and ask them to help.

There are video trainings on YouTube that show you how to do it if you have a WordPress blog, but they’re not always reliable. Defer to an expert and just get it done quickly.

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