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BRILLIANT Strategy Attracts 62 Chiropractic Patients in One Month!

(This is a valuable guest blog post by Dr. Jacob Canfield. He runs a very successful practice in Grand Rapids, MI. The powerful patient attraction strategy you’re about to discover centers around one of his best kept secrets. Dr. Canfield graduated from Life University and built a large practice predominantly treating families.)

You’ve probably seen a “Women’s Night Out” or “Ladies Night” in your community recently. You may have even rented a booth at the event to market your chiropractic practice. Pay close attention because there’s a powerful lesson as to why these gatherings are so popular.

Studies are showing that women make a WHOPPING 85% of all decisions in the house hold when it comes to their family, and make 80% of all decisions when it come to their health care.

So, the main reason why businesses host events like this is because they understand women are the real decision makers!

Not only that… but women also love to tell other friends when they’ve found something that they like.

And… as you already know, word of mouth referrals usually become the BEST patients.

One of the most effective forms of marketing our chiropractic practice came in the form of putting on these women’s night events for our community.

At our women’s nights, we would contract 5-15 entertaining vendor’s (depending on the size and time frame of our event) and would market it in such a way that our vendor’s were doing the majority of the work, bringing-in women that we would never have had access to.

The event itself (when done correctly) can be an EXPLOSIVE way to attract new patients. We have averaged around 62 new patients from the women’s nights that we’ve done for our office.

The coolest part about hosting a women’s night out is that getting patients is almost a bonus.

Best aspect is the referrals that come pouring in afterwards. Initially, all we were focused on were getting new patients from the event itself. We never thought of what would happen when we let vendor’s have a free booth. The law of reciprocity then kicks in.

Allowing these businesses to attend your women’s night for free where 200-500 women come out and they get a chance to increase awareness to their business and get more clients tends to build you up as the go to source for health and wellness.

Whenever they come across someone seeking your services, they will refer to your practice.

When hosting a women’s night, the size doesn’t really matter.

You can do one in your office with a few of your patient’s that do multi-level marketing like Shaklee, avon, etc. They can come and do free make overs, hand out make up samples, etc.

We started out small and as more of them were done, we increased the marketing / size of the events. We still haven’t spent more than a few hundred dollars on any event we’ve hosted, because of how they’re strategically set-up.

There are a lot of tips and tricks that we’ve learned along the way on how to host a really successful event. I’ll give you three tips that I’ve learned over the past couple years when hosting these events.

Tip number one is to have engaging, entertaining vendors.  Things like salsa dancing, manicures and pedicures, chair massages, etc.

Tip number two is to have a conversion tactic set up so that everybody that comes to your women’s night has a chance to be educated on what chiropractic is and why their family can benefit from it.

Tip number three is that you have to keep it exclusive to women and make it a no-kids zone. You want it to be a relaxing night out with the girls, where you honor them and pamper them.

If you’re interested in hosting a women’s night out event, then I strongly encourage you head over to my website to get my free vendor ideas list and the vendor appointment setting script. Visit this link to grab them at no cost for a limited time.

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