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This Gets You 1 EXTRA Chiropractic New Patient Per Day

This strategy I’m about to reveal was used when I first graduated from chiropractic school into 2004. I could literally go into any business and have near a 100% success rate at accessing all of the employees that SAME DAY! I encountered very little resistance and now it’s evident as to why.

If you’re a chiropractor, you know how difficult it is to get into businesses to do spinal screenings.

Rejection rates are high simply because the public is still relatively uneducated about chiropractic. Also, most people haven’t made getting their spines checked a priority.

In this previous post, Dr. Tabor showed us the magic of just changing a couple simple words and how that alone can lead to an extra 50% – 100% more scheduled appointments.

However, in order to use this tactic, you must actually get your foot in the door first.

That’s easier said than done, especially, when no one likes to be solicited unexpectedly. You’re a stranger offering a strange service in the eyes of many.

This method below builds trust and lowers the guard INSTANTLY

I submit to you today that if you’re looking for the easiest, fastest, and most credible way to get an EXTRA patient each day, then you should be doing blood pressure checks!

Everyone (and their grandma) knows to get their blood pressure checked, especially as they get older. The population has been conditioned to get this exam.

There is a right way to approach businesses, though.

When I originally started doing blood pressure checks, I was desperate for patients. I needed to make something happen ASAP and I could even wait a couple days for some other marketing tactic to kick-in.

So, I started thinking creatively and called the American Heart Association (AHA).

I told them that I was a doctor interested in volunteering my services to the local community. I also asked if they could provide me with brochures and other hand-outs so I could give them to people I encountered at events.

The woman I spoke with sounded very happy I was willing to give my time to their cause. She sent a box full of AHA brochures, too! I now had INSTANT credibility.

Here was my script when I physically walked into a local business:

Hi, I’m Dr. Matthew Loop, volunteering on behalf of the American Heart Association. Would anyone like a free blood pressure check and stress-level analysis today.

What would normally happen, is that the employee would go to the manager to ask, then I would speak with he/she directly. Then, the manager would have me set-up in a private room and tell the other workers.

Once the first couple people got checked, that would usher-in everyone else.

When I would actually check a person’s blood pressure, I would let them know about physical, chemical, and emotional stress and how it affects the human body. Then, I’d ask them to complete my stress survey so we could find-out all of the areas of the body that stress was impacting.

Most would complete the survey and check the conditions that they also had, which included asthma, back pain, headaches, high blood pressure, etc. I also had a question on the form about how these symptoms were affecting their daily activities and life overall.

The following question was “If you could eliminate one of the above symptoms, which one would it be?”

Then, the very last section of the survey stated, “There are several alternatives available to you. Please check the most appropriate one.” The options would be as follows:

1) I would like to come into the doctor’s office for a complete evaluation. There is NO CHARGE for this consultation. This will allow me to find-out if I can be helped by chiropractic without any financial barriers.

2) I would like the doctor to call me to discuss my health problems before making an appointment.

That was it. Pretty simple, right?

My results varied but I never had a bad day.

Some days I would only get one patient from one business I entered. Other days, I would get 5-6 patients. Sometimes I’d approach several businesses in the same day and have as high as 12 new patients scheduled.

I was averaging almost 30 new patients per month from just doing this one thing! I walked right into local establishments like banks, supermarkets, hardware stores, etc.

The cool thing was, occasionally the business would have me stationed where the public could see and they would encourage customers to get their blood pressure and stress levels measured as well!

And… Yes, this strategy still works like clockwork today just as good as it did back in 2004.

If you need patients and are not afraid to get in-front of people, you’d be crazy not to do this. It doesn’t cost you a dime either.

If done correctly and consistently a couple times per week, you can expect to DOUBLE your weekly patient visits in 60-90 days or less. It’s one of the MOST effective chiropractic practice marketing strategies I ever implemented.

What do you think of this method? Leave a comment below.

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Matthew Loop is an author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps brands, startups, and small business owners multiply their influence, impact, and income by harnessing the power of the Internet. Since 2005 he’s trained over 21,000 clients in 25 countries. Millions have viewed his free business growth tutorials online. Connect with him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


12 Responses to “This Gets You 1 EXTRA Chiropractic New Patient Per Day”

  1. Great post Matt…I’d love to include this idea on our new free marketing website. I would certainly give you all the credit for the idea, and list any information there there about your services that you want on that page. We are going to be rebuilding the template soon to give us more options for display. Hope you’re interested.

  2. Jeff L says:

    Dr Matt,
    Thank you for your post. Great idea and I will take advantage of this opportunity and try it!

  3. Matthew Loop says:

    Sure, you can include it, Mike. Feel free to check-out the “success store” tab for services offered. Thanks.

  4. Ryan says:

    Love it! What an great out of the box thinking public service marketing method!

  5. This is genius idea, can’t believe I have never heard this before. Matt did you create this idea yourself or did someone pass this on to you?

  6. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Adam… Nope. I actually heard about this technique from a friend during my last trimester at Logan. I’m glad I implemented it 😉

  7. Tim says:

    Another twist on this is to write the blood pressure on the back of your business card and tell the patient to hold on to it to compare the BP in the future. They now have your card ready for referral.

  8. Guy says:


    I just read this blog post about a week ago. So I called the AHA and they were excited for us to volunteer and educate our community about the risk factors of heart disease, much like you said happened to you. Today was the first time I tried it and it went well. I ended up screening 14 people in about 45 minutes and it looks like we will have a few people coming in. I just wanted to say thanks for the tip. When you are just starting out like me, its nice to know there are proactive things you can do on a daily basis to help boost your practice. I just wanted to say thanks and let you know what a positive response I got on day 1! I will be doing a lot of this over the next couple weeks and I look forward to it.

  9. Matthew Loop says:

    That’s AWESOME, Guy!! Thank you for sharing this. Keep it up!

  10. Collin says:

    Such a great and informative blog. This will really help chiropractors have consistent new patients each month. Keep posting!

  11. Joe says:

    The office I work in used to do monthly blood pressure screenings at a local health food store in addition to glucose and cholesterol screenings and over a 9 month period, it yielded 0 patients. It was typically the same 5-6 people each month that would get checked. It may have just been poor marketing to attract new people, and it may simply be the need to modify the stress eval form, but since I have no marketing funds to work with, I will definitely give this a shot, especially since I’ve had some difficulty getting in the door with businesses in a highly chiro-saturated area with many businesses having the sour taste of high pressure sales in their mouth from chiropractors.

  12. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Joe… Yeah, they weren’t do it right at all. The above protocol that I provided on this blog works every time.

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