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How to Position Your Business to Charge and Collect More

Here’s a quick video regarding one of the MOST valuable lessons I’ve ever learned in business. When you apply these concepts, you’ll be able to charge and collect more for your product / service. Also, you’ll be able to completely differentiate yourself and stand-out in any market, no matter how saturated it is.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    An excellent point. I’ve heard this from more than one industry “guru” at more than one seminar. Your business card is one of your best, cheapest and easiest forms of advertising and you should be giving yours out left, right and center. And Matthew is SO right… the flimsy cheap business cards that you got for free on an internet offer are fine if you’re a 15 year old babysitter trying to drum up business in your neighborhood, but there is something special about a business card that stands out, especially one that people feel like thay cannot or should not throw away because it just seems that special (like a plastic card).

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