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The Life Success Secret NO ONE Talks About

I was thinking about something interesting the other day. In 2006, when I began to take my social media business building knowledge and approach established chiropractic consultants, coaches, and known industry publications, no one would give me the time of day.

Well, I take that back. I wasn’t completely ignored but I could not get my content or name featured in these circles. It was at this time I learned about the “old boy’s club” in chiropractic. I simply wasn’t networked in with the right crowd.

And… as you know, “your network = your net worth” as the saying goes.

It’s the same in EVERY industry, including internet marketing.

I kept writing article after article and nothing would get accepted, even though it was pretty damn good content. I also found it difficult to book speaking engagements to educate the profession about this powerful new practice marketing medium.

It felt like I just went head-first into a wall. So, I had a couple choices at this point.

I could’ve said “screw it, this is too hard… I give-up.” However, I decided to step-up, create my own future and stop relying on others to give me a free hand-out.

Sometimes you need to stop “waiting” for the door of opportunity to swing open and just KICK it down! Got it?? (that’s worth a Tweet). It’s one of the most valuable success secrets I’ve learned in life.

Well, if you’re a chiropractor, you know what happened next.

I made it so that I could NOT be ignored anymore. I started a massive viral social media, press and PR campaign online that got me into every nook and cranny in the industry.

I was all over Google, monopolizing keywords. I was blanketing Facebook and YouTube.

Then, you know what happened?

I built so much social proof and credibility that it was impossible to go online and not find a video, press release, article, blog post, or website that had my name.

Not to mention, I had already begun to help doctors achieve MASSIVE practice growth and transformation. Word was getting around very fast, too.

Once this occurred, those same publications and chiropractic coaches were now blowing-up my phone. They observed first hand how a “nobody” without any special hand-outs could come into a market and dominate.

As it stands now, I have so many speaking and contribution opportunities (in and out of the profession) that I have to decline many invitations.

Ok, so why is this important for you to understand?


Don’t get frustrated and blame others or current circumstances for your lack of results. Do something about it! We all have the same opportunity to thrive.

Life is not about trying to get everyone to like you either, it’s about being EFFECTIVE. If you’re not in the “old boy’s club,” commit to being unstoppable and make them come to you! And… when they come, they’ll do so fast and furious!

Any questions?

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