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Chiropractic Marketing: Facebook Case Study

I enjoy sharing client success stories so prepare yourself for one that will hopefully inspire you to take action steps that will make the magic happen in your own practice. No boring statistics here. Facebook stats DON’T mean anything if you don’t have strategy behind your marketing and proven plan of attack.

This chiropractor below does have strategy, though.

Dr. John in Florida operates a spine and disc center and has treated patients for over 25 years. His bread and butter is spinal decompression and regularly signs patients up for care plans at $2,700 per person. He’ll usually puts them through 2-3 months of therapy and rehab.

John has a referral-based practice and was actually doing pretty well before we met. HOWEVER, he had hardly any online presence, which you know is very risky in today’s time. In reality, if you’re not on Facebook or have an overwhelmingly strong presence on the web, people just look at you suspect.

We connected on the phone several months ago and he ended-up qualifying for personal coaching and was accepted into the program.

I got to hold him accountable in his marketing, guide him step-by-step over the phone, and put him on a fast short-cut to growth.

One of the first things we did is institute a HIGHLY aggressive, multi-layered Facebook marketing campaign. Dr. John had heard the buzz about the massive social network and was eager to tap into what so many have been going nuts about.

I think initially he was just looking to add a new, exciting dimension to his marketing.

He did EXACTLY what I told him to do. Literally, copy, paste and delegate. He didn’t try to over complicate things.

Within a month, he had his first two new patients from Facebook, closing them at $2,700 each for spinal decompression care! We were using both free and paid traffic mediums on the network.

We drove the bulk of the traffic to a professional, custom landing page he had created for his page.

Then, the snowball started to turn into an avalanche his third month. He saw 10 new patients as a result of his newly formed and strategic Facebook marketing efforts. Building a prospective patient email list was a BIG part of the success.

The last few months, this doctor has been averaging 8-11 new patients / month from Facebook alone. Pretty AWESOME, right?

Now, he collects right around an EXTRA $27,000 per month which he directly attributes to Facebook marketing.

What we implemented for Dr. John was a rock solid proven strategy facilitated by the follow-up SYSTEM we created. You must have a system that can run without your hands in it all of the time.

Social media takes a lot of time if and only if you have an amateur strategy.

It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at, you can implement the same thing we did in the example above for your practice, too.

Is Dr. John my most successful case-study?

No… not by a long-shot, however I thought he was a good one because he thought he was “too old” to get new patients from Facebook. So much for the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Dr. John learned very well and took action. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been in practice, you can learn and profit like crazy from a strategic Facebook marketing plan.

I want YOU to be my next Facebook chiropractic marketing success story!

If that sounds cool to you and if you want to discover how to gain an absolute UNFAIR advantage locally when it comes to Facebook marketing, click this link so we can make it happen together.

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