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Does Your Front Desk Know How To Properly Answer The Phone?

(This is a guest post by Dr. Len Schwartz. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and master marketing consultant. Dr. Len has impacted thousands of chiropractors, doctors and other professionals in more than 20 countries. Over the last 10+ years it is estimated that he helped generate more than 150 million dollars of new business for his clients. Dr. Len is now the CEO of

It is likely that you are unaware of how many potential patients call your office and ask typical “shopper” questions in order to decide whether they should become your patient.

Most chiropractors assume that their staff knows exactly how to answer those calls and that they routinely convert those potential patients into active patients.

If you have made this assumption of your staff, prepare to be shocked!

When was the last time you had a friend or family member call your office and “test” the person who answers the phone by asking typical “shopper” questions?

If the answer is, “Never!”…get ready to change that today!

Create a list of the ten most FAQs someone might have if they called your office looking to use your chiropractic services/products.

Some examples include:

1. What does a chiropractor do?
2. How will the chiropractor fix my _________?
3. Why doesn’t the chiropractor use medication?
4. Can I only come in one time?
5. Do I have to come in forever?
6. Does my insurance cover this?
7. How much will it cost me if my insurance doesn’t cover this?
8. Will he be cracking my back?
9. How long will it take to fix this?
10. Do I have to pay on my first visit?
11. How much is my first visit?

Then, have someone your staff does not know call and ask your questions.

You’ll want feedback on how effectively they answered the questions, as well as the staff members demeanor, attitude, willingness to help, etc.

Plus, you’ll soon realize the need to put a formal FAQ Shopper training guide in place so that your staff knows how to answer those questions, the same way, every time. This is how you guarantee the right responses / answers and, of course, your best shot at securing the majority of those “shoppers” as new patients.

This is an effort you want to put in place immediately. And, you should test your staff on a regular basis. I recommend every 6 to 8 weeks!

Finally, track your stats. How many “shopper calls” do you get per month?

How many are converted into new patients?

What can you do to raise that percentage of new patients?

Any questions?

Let me know in the comments – I’m here to help

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