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Finally, Cool Chiropractic T-Shirts!

I’ve been meaning to share this for quite awhile with the many chiropractors that frequent this blog. Since today is the 116th birthday of the profession, I thought it would be perfect. Finally, there are some cool chiropractic T-shirts doctors and patients can wear on the street and be proud and fashionable.

Now, why might you consider wearing a chiropractic shirt outside in public?

For one, they get attention and are such easy conversation starters. You’ll have people approach you since it’s not something they see everyday. When I began in practice, I would wear one while working-out at my local gym.

It never failed either…

I’d have people come up to me several times per week asking if I was a chiropractor. Then, they’d ask my opinion about a health topic or if I could help them with a certain condition. It was like cherry-picking. New patients were finding me for a change.

Here are some cool examples of modern chiropractic t-shirts.

Secondly, it’s a good idea to wear a chiropractic T-shirt because it helps you spread your message to the masses without ever saying a word. You might speak to people all day long but f or everyone you speak with, there are hundreds you won’t and they’ll still see you daily.

Why not give them something to look at and think about?

Wearing a simple pro-chiropractic T-shirt is one of the most simple forms of marketing but it’s effective. It also helps you show your support for the profession you love. Here are some more examples of newer tees:

Visit right now for more fresh designs and to order your own chiropractic t-shirt. Men’s, women’s, and children’s are available.

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9 Responses to “Finally, Cool Chiropractic T-Shirts!”

  1. I so agree… wearing tshirts with chiropractic are like a billboard. I get asked often in my gym. I think generic ones are ok, but personalized ones for your practice strike up more, especially if you have a good, eye catching tag, plus put name of practice on the front with logo and contact info on back..mine is easy as my website is chiropractor with the name of my town: Easy for people that see it to remember.

  2. Love them! Now if they can personalize and print a QR code somewhere on the shirt people can just click the like button with their smart phone.

    Dr. Alan

  3. Dr Ned says:

    Great idea Dr Alan! QR code on the shirt. Love it!

  4. Those look pretty cool, very creative

  5. Great article. Love the shirts..

  6. Great idea Dr Alan about using the QR code… as long as you don’t mind being photographed at the gym! Just watch your code placement… LOL

  7. Excellent shirts…simple messages.

  8. Dr. Evans says:

    We’ve never thought of ordering shirts before. Great idea, I would prefer a polo, though.

  9. Great shirts! I like how simple they are.

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