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Should I Tell My Family I’m Starting an Online Business?

I get asked this question all the time by aspiring internet entrepreneurs so I wanted to address it here. When starting an online business, DO NOT tell your family and friends immediately! They will tend to think you’re batshit crazy (in other words, certifiably nuts).

Listen… I get it. You’re excited and you want to share your enthusiasm with your inner circle.

However, those closest to you almost always do not totally understand your vision nor have seen the the potential and case studies you’ve witnessed.

Heck, I still have friends and family that probably think I sell drugs.


Making money online is an ALTERNATE universe for most people.

The average person has been conditioned to exchange time for money and for them to think outside the conventional box is not easy.

Also, the conversation can get a little tricky as you start generating A LOT of income from the internet.

I distinctly remember the conversation I had with one friend. He asked me what the most I made in day was. I told him, then he became real quiet. His posture started to sink not long after.

It’s not easy for some people to know that you’ve earned in a DAY what they’ve made in an entire month of working hard.

On the other hand, a few will be inspired to learn more. I know I certainly was the first time I met a 7-Figure internet marketer. My eyes were opened to a new world of possibility.

Then, once I got my first sale I was totally hooked.

When just starting out on the internet, you need to MINIMIZE resistance and surround yourself with other encouraging entrepreneurs that are already making money online.

In most cases, telling your family at the beginning will only lead to more headaches. Once they see those fat bank deposits when you’re up and running, that’s a different story.

I cannot stress enough how critical this is to your confidence and overall attitude.

Tell me, have you had a good or bad experience with family when just starting-out online? Let the community know since you might just inspire another reader.

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