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The DUMBEST Facebook Chiropractic Marketing Mistake!

I must sound like a broken record after the last several years, but some chiropractors are just plain stubborn and continue to drastically limit their Facebook new patient results. What I’m about to share is the BIGGEST (and dumbest) mistake docs are making on the social network right now.

So, what is it?

The answer is not getting people OFF of Facebook and onto your personal email list that YOU control!

Now, more than ever it’s critical that you, as a chiropractor, start thinking about the long-term and building a list of prospective patients.

Your Facebook fans or friends do NOT constitute a true list either.

Facebook has recently made it even harder to reach the fans that you’ve accumulated. In fact, you’re LUCKY if you post a status update and it reaches 25% of your audience! Yes, it sucks.

Why has Facebook altered their algorithm and severely limited your reach?

It’s because they now have a financial obligation to shareholders. The social network went public and they needed to find new ways to monetize their site. So… in came “promoted posts.”

You must pay to play if you want the valuable real estate now.

What’s vital to understand is that 99% of people will not come to see you when they hit your website for Facebook page for the first time. That’s a fact! And… another 90% of those individuals will never come back to your site again.

If you truly want to maximize your new patient results from Facebook, serve way more people in the community, and substantially increase your practice revenue… start building an email list!

Let me give you a quick example.

I have a coaching client that built a prospective new patient list of right around 5,200 subscribers. These were local people that got onto his list from previous Google Adwords and Facebook advertising campaigns. It had been about a year since he emailed them last.

Now, with this docs campaign, he was averaging a 2% conversion. So, out of every 100 email subscribers that came-in, he’d get 2 new patients that walked into his office. In his email auto-responder, he only had 5 messages queued to go out after they opted-in.

Immediately when I heard this, I told him to send out this 3 day new patient script to his list. We sent the first email on Tuesday, the second on Wednesday, and the third on Thursday.

Here’s what happened.

This doctor had .05% of his email list take him up on the offer.

An astounding 29 new patients called and scheduled appointments in just 3 days! From there, 26 actually showed-up. In terms of practice revenue, he generated an extra $11,215 that month because of this one campaign.

Then, he told me his life-time value per patient averages around $1,500. So, that will be roughly $39,000 in revenue that this one email campaign pulled over the long-term.

This would have NEVER been possible if he was like the many chiropractors that are not building a prospective patient email list.

With a list, you can push the send button and get patients when you have a proven script.

What you MUST understand is that you lose a lot of control when you put your faith in a 3rd party like Facebook. Listen, I love the social network, but I don’t trust them with my list. You shouldn’t either. Facebook is a business so don’t assume they have your best interests in mind.

To get users off the social network, you’ll want to use an ethical bribe like a free report. It could be titled “The 5 Questions You MUST Ask Before Choosing a Chiropractor.”

In this previous blog post I shared how to create a report efficiently in little time.

Believe it or not, the best chance to get a name and email is when the visitor hits your Fan page for the first time. If you’re using Facebook advertising, you can direct them straight to a landing page that has a headline that gets their attention, “what’s in it for me” bullet points, and an email capture form.

Never direct Facebook advertising traffic to your regular timeline or wall if you don’t have to. This is a waste of time and money. Not to mention, your conversion will be very low.

Always send the traffic to a custom landing page with an offer.

There’s an old saying that rings true here…. “The money is in the list and follow-up”

If you don’t have an email list of current AND prospective patients, you don’t have a sustainable business. You cannot strategically follow-up either.

The great thing once you have a list is that you can email the subscribers new offers regularly and educate them faster so they’re pre-sold and ready to commit to chiropractic care.

You can even work-out joint venture promotions with other local business professionals in the area. This will help build your list and patient base even faster without you having to spend a dollar. The bigger your subscriber base, the more bargaining power you have.

A list gives you leverage and an endless supply of new patients if you harness it correctly.

That’s why it should be at the very top of your priority list right now. If you need a reliable email marketing service, here’s the company I use.

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