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Google Launches New “Disavow” Link Tool

The Disavow Links tool sounds like something out of a James Bond 007 movie, right? Well, it’s finally here but not what many webmasters had hoped for. View the original Search Engine Land post at this link. With the Disavow tool, you must manually upload a text file with the links you want removed.

So, even if you’ve built thousands of links over time, you are expected to know which ones are quality and which ones aren’t, based on Google’s guidelines. Hmm…

Seems like it would’ve made more sense to have a tool where you’d enter your domain name, then Google would populate the results of all links and tell you which ones are hurting you.

View the Disavow tool here.

Google’s own Matt Cutts warned that the tool should be used with caution.

He also warned that publishers should first try to remove links they are concerned about pointing at them by first working with site owners hosting links.



It’s important to understand that SEO has changed a bit, however quality links are STILL king!

They continue to be the primary ranking factor for a website. So, you must continue to get them but you have to know how to be strategic like I detail in this blog post.

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