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7 Critical SEO Factors Every Chiropractor Must Know in 2013

This might very well be one of the MOST important blogs you read this year. If you’re interested in protecting and/or increasing your Google rankings for your chiropractic website, then pay close attention. Search engine optimization (SEO) has went through a heavy evolution recently.

It’s important to understand what factors are the most influential these days and where your time, energy, and effort should be focused on.

Here are 7 crucial SEO components every chiropractor needs to know about in 2013:

Authorship and Author Rank

This is something I’ve been trying to warn doctors and professionals about for the past year.

Google is now placing weight on whether you’re a recognized and trusted author or not. Do you have a history of publishing great content that gets shared?

Not only that, are those that are sharing your content REAL authority figures in a related market?

Yes, that’s right. Not all shares are created equal and your rankings will reflect this. You need to be intimately familiar with “author rank” if you want to have a chance scaling the great wall of Google now.

Authorship is also incredibly important, as it makes you stand-out in the search engines. Content tags like rel=author/rel=publisher are vital.

This training teaches you everything you need to know about how to become an authority in Google’s eyes,  including how to create and distribute your content so it gets virally shared.

Social Shares

Social media has changed the way we communicate and Google has recognized this. Hence, the reason social activity DOES play a factor on how your chiropractic website ranks online. Social shares are things like Tweets, Pinterest pins, Google+’s, Facebook shares / likes, Stumbles, Diggs, etc.

If your website, blog, or content is good then others will feel compelled to show their friends. Websites with more quality shares can expect to rank higher on Google.

Remember, though, the person sharing your content matters bigtime! If they are an industry influencer in Google’s eyes, they carry more weight and will benefit you greatly if they take action on your content.


Links are still king online. In this previous post, I gave guidelines on how they should now be built. Ignore this advice at your own peril. Backlinks should be a mix of earned, natural looking, general, and anchor text.

Ideally, you want them to come from a variety of online properties like blogs, images, forums, videos, press releases, social bookmarks, articles, etc.

If you recall, links are like votes in the search engines.

The more quality links you have, the higher your site will typically rank. The person / company linking to you matters a lot as well. Always strive to get high quality links from relevant authority sites online, as not all links carry the same juice.

Website meta data

This “on-page” SEO is still a big deal and many chiropractors don’t fully have their websites optimized from this angle. Ideally the primary keywords you’re targeting should be in the meta title and meta keywords of the website. You’ll also want to mention those words on the corresponding site pages, too.

The meta-description should be a compelling headline of sorts that makes other web-surfers want to click on your listing. No need to stuff this with keywords.

Now, since Google ushered in the exact match domain (EMD) slap, it’s debatable whether having the keywords in the domain name itself provides any competitive advantages like before.

If you have the other factors in this blog post mastered, you won’t have a problem surpassing competitors with exact match domains.


If you’ve been paying attention, it’s easy to see that personal searches are playing a HUGE role in regards to SEO. Search results are skewed and slanted to give priority to previous searches, location, friends recommendations, etc.

If logged into Facebook, on Bing you’ll be able to see those friends that “liked” certain results. On Google, you’ll see the same thing for those friends that have given a +1 to content or websites.

Choosing keywords and getting seen is now much more difficult since personalization has become a priority.

Dynamic, Natural, and Diverse Content

The content you create is supposed to attract people like a magnet, provide value, and maintain interest, like I went over in-depth in The Ultimate Content Marketing Blueprint. If it doesn’t accomplish this, then it’s failed in its primary purpose.

You must think bigger than just your website or blog. Yes, they can be your home but you must create consumable content in every medium available to you like online video, info-graphics, press releases, articles, podcasts, etc. Google wants to see link diversification and THEY FAVOR IT.

This is also a way to position your practice and brand in every nook and cranny online. You want to just blanket your local market so that anywhere a prospective patient goes, they see you and your content.

It’s about setting-up multiple streams of traffic that consistently feed your chiropractic website.

Canned Content

Duplicate website content is a no-no and you will eventually get penalized for it. I’ve written extensively about this topic, most notably on this post. Also, if you syndicate another person’s content on your blog, then you MUST give credit to the source or risk being slapped for duplicate content.

You must check your website immediately to see if your chiropractic website company has published the same content on your website and hundreds of others. In this video, I show you how to use CopyScape to easily and quickly do this.

Be creative and resourceful. If writing is not your strength, then find a ghostwriter and delegate.

Taking into consideration and implementing these seven points above will keep you ahead of the curve while fast-tracking your SEO efforts. You’ll be able to continuously rank at the top of the search engines rather than sink like so many chiropractic websites have done.

You must adapt to the new SEO rules or prepare to get buried this year…

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  1. Alex Carter says:

    Hello Matthew, nice list of basic and important factors to remember for SEO. I do agree with you that Authorship is very important factor in SEO 2013. creating something unique and claiming authorship for that is something interesting and new. This feature will help a lot to those who has got ability to create magic of content. Along with it we should also focus in other search engines apart from Google. There is no doubt that Google is a giant but SEO doesn’t end with Google and we can open more doors to success if we focus on other search engines too.
    thank you for sharing.

  2. Darrell says:

    Hey Matt,

    Great stuff. I’ve been spending a lot of time on your site lately. I’m getting ready to start building my website, and I was wondering if you think it’s still a good idea to go with a EMD url?

    … or is it better to just use my clinic name?

  3. Matthew Loop says:

    Hi Darrell… Yes, you can still use an EMD, you just need to be careful how you build your links to the website. They should be built more naturally. Here’s a teleclass you’ll want to listen to ASAP if you haven’t done so:


    Talk soon 🙂

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