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Avoid This Chiropractic Practice Marketing Mistake!

After consulting with thousands of chiropractors over the years, one of the BIGGEST and most common practice marketing mistakes is the reliance and dependance on “one-and-done” strategies. What do I mean with this? I’m referring to specific promotional methods that are very low leverage.

You use them once then you get new patients that one and only time. A few chiropractic marketing methods that fit into this category would be postcard mailings, newspaper drops, telemarketing, and screenings.

While all of those can produce very good in-office numbers if done right, they don’t feed your practice on autopilot for a lifetime.

Rarely do you get a sustained trickle-in effect from postcards or screenings.

When the screening is finished, whoever scheduled and paid a deposit will be most likely to come-in.

You usually don’t see handfuls of patients calling your office week after week upon the completion of the event.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. There IS a time and place for these chiropractic marketing methods I just mentioned.

Many of my clients still use them because they can generate a stellar return on investment.

However, if you solely rely on them you WILL work much harder and spend dramatically more time / money than you need to. Postcards don’t mail themselves. You’ve got to pay.

Screenings don’t work like gangbusters unless you’re physically there.

So, what high-leverage strategy should you incorporate this year that works 24/7 while you sleep? Being a subscriber of this blog, you probably didn’t have to think too long about the answer.


Since 2005, I’ve been showing chiropractors how to set-up automated systems that feed the practice now and for years to come. The internet allows you this amazing capability and it exponentially grows each year.

Check-out just a few of these stats

– Facebook boasts over 1.19 billion monthly active users.

– Google gets 12.47 billion monthly searches.

– YouTube gets 1 billion unique visitors each month. It also reaches more US adults than any cable network.

– Over 1/3 of all American women use Pinterest daily.

16 billion photos are shared DAILY on Instagram

– Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) is the most visited (and valuable) local real estate online.

– Twitter has 231 million monthly active users. 500 million tweets sent per day.

The bottom line is this

Social media is where your prospective and current patients are congregating every day… all day. It doesn’t matter where your practice is located or what type of practice you have either.

Not only that, you can attract an extra couple dozen new patients per month WITHOUT spending any money on advertising. There’s no other medium on the planet like this for chiropractors.

The opportunity right now is enormous. Don’t be an ostrich with your head buried in the sand!

It’s time to maximize your effectiveness on social media and take your practice to the master level. It’s time to gain more leverage and create systems that work hard so you don’t have to. It’s time to take action and just BE MORE EFFECTIVE!

This process is a lot easier when you have professional guidance. You know, someone that’s been there and done that. Most doctors are not doing the numbers they want from the internet because their strategy is severely flawed. They need to “adjust” their approach and fine-tune things.

In fact, quite a few are unknowingly coming-off unprofessional.

The truth is, I built my practice using social media and stay current with what’s working now.

If you’re not careful, it can be a HUGE time-suck. Don’t confuse “being busy” with being productive. Those are two separate things.

Here’s what to do next

If you’re seriously thinking about integrating social media marketing into your chiropractic practice OR if you’re doing it currently, but aren’t seeing the results you want, I have great news!

You have the opportunity to get my most complete and detailed training on all aspects of social media (Facebook, YouTube, Google+ Local, Pinterest, Blogging, Instagram, etc).

Two options are available.

1) My most popular program, Social Media Elite, is trusted and used by over 7,100 chiropractors.

2) Private one-on-one coaching. Application required. Must be accepted.

One more important thing. I’d like to personally invite you to leave a comment and/or question below. I always enjoy helping fellow chiropractors succeed BIG online. I’m here to help you gain more clarity so you can be more effective your social media practice marketing.

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  1. Awesome content, Matt! Since implementing your program into my daily routine, I now rank 4th on google and my google+ account is accumulating outstanding patient reviews. Soon I’ll be #1!! Thank you!

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    That’s great, Dr. Adam! Keep the momentum going 😉

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