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Cancer Ad Censored from Facebook?

Should this ad below have been censored from Facebook? You be the judge. It doesn’t make any health claims nor does it state any inaccuracies. I was kind of surprised it wasn’t accepted, based on some of the other highly questionable advertisements I’ve seen on the network.

Here’s what Facebook sent me after the ad was disapproved:

Please review the specific reason(s) for your ad’s disapproval below. If you have further questions, we recommend reviewing our list of Common Ad Mistakes. You can also consult our Terms of Use and Advertising Guidelines for more information.

The text of this ad contains language that is unacceptable, inappropriate, or irrelevant. Per sections 4, 7 and 13 of Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines, ad text must relate directly to the content of the landing page.

Ads may not imply knowledge of user data or information, or in any other way suggest extraordinary knowledge of the user. Finally, ads may not exploit political, sexual or other sensitive issues for commercial purposes.

If you choose to submit this ad again, please make the necessary changes so that it adheres to all of Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines.

You can view a screenshot of the ad below. Facebook says “Ads may not imply knowledge of user data or information, or in any other way suggest extraordinary knowledge of the user.”

That’s interesting (and hypocritical) since you can enter your keywords you want to target on THEIR ad platform. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen personal ads that target me directly based on what’s in my Facebook profile…. AND Yes, many of them “imply” knowledge of user data!

The traffic was sent directly to as a test. I’ve observed countless others that are currently doing this so there’s no landing page problems.

Now, whatever phase of the treatment spectrum you fall on, it’s undeniable that cancer drugs are highly toxic and an oncologist will tell you the same thing. It’s also no secret that the radiation permanently damages bad AND good cells of the body.

This is why cancer patients, in many cases, look very unhealthy after treatment. The hope is to kill the cancer before the treatment kills the host (you).

The last thing I want to address is when Facebook states, “ads may not exploit political, sexual or other sensitive issues for commercial purposes.”

What if you wrote a book that empowered others to live healthier while allowing them to take control of their health. Shouldn’t you try to advertise it through high traffic mediums like Facebook? This is not exploitation.

Cancer is a sensitive issue for many but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer help to patients as to improve their quality of life. I figured, what better opportunity than to get the message of hope out on the worlds #2 most visited website.

So, what we have here are some very vague Facebook guidelines and no specific recommendations by them to get the ad approved. Does this sound like censorship to you? Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

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3 Responses to “Cancer Ad Censored from Facebook?”

  1. Matthew Loop says:

    I agree, Dr. Kirschner… I’m going to try and test multiple ads and see if I can finally get approval. Hopefully, they’ll allow an alternative view point to run.

  2. Dr. Loop,

    Your ad got denied because of Facebooks advertising guidelines:

    5. Prohibited Content
    d.Ads cannot contain, facilitate, promote, or reference the following:
    xx.Content that depicts a health condition in a derogatory or inflammatory way or misrepresents a health condition in any way.

    I agree with what you are trying to do doc, but thee guidelines may help you. I only ran across them and read them myself in search of a completely unrelated topic.

    Hope this helps.

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