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“Draw Something” Sold for 200 MILLION!! (Now, it’s Your Turn)

Yesterday, I was skimming the New York Times and saw this article about an iPhone gaming app, Draw Something. This app was developed just 6 weeks ago and sold for a WHOPPING 200 million to Zynga!

By the way, the company that created the app was almost bankrupt. How crazy is that??


Ever notice that when you hear these stories it’s almost ALWAYS about mobile gaming businesses and not usually regular app companies. Why is this?

The reason is pretty simple.

Games make the most money by a long-shot. You can tell that by just looking at the top grossing charts in iTunes. Even folks that don’t normally play games have them on their smart phones.

Learning how to do this stuff USED TO BE difficult and expensive. That’s all changed, though. A few short weeks ago, I released a simple course that takes you through everything you need to knowto build and market a iPhone app.


My two games are almost completed and I’m super stoked to release them. I’ve learned so much and modeled many of the top grossing apps.

So, why should you care about Draw Something selling for 200 million?

The opportunity right now is BIGGER than the dot come boom a decade. No shit. If you’re looking for an “out-of-the-box” way to generate additional PASSIVE income in 2012, apps are the way to go!

I’ve studied the big boys in the app store and discovered their secrets and exactly how they’re making so much money. You can learn about it here:


Can’t want to share with you the short-cuts and monetization strategies I’ve learned. See you on the inside!

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