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Facebook Promoted Posts Make Brands More Self-Serving

Facebook has done a disservice to it’s user base on many levels with the introduction of promoted posts. In case you’re not familiar, you’re now lucky if your status updates are seen by 20% of your friends and/or fans. The Edgerank algorithm has been purposely manipulated.

To solve this problem of limited distribution that Facebook created, businesses now have to pay money to reach the majority of their fan count that they’ve worked hard to build over the years.

Look, the truth is it’s their network so they can do what they want. No one is disputing that.

Their desperation to appease shareholders couldn’t be more evident.

Here’s what’s occurring, though.

Authenticity, selflessness, individual expression, and unfiltered content sharing are being slowly cut-out of social networking.

How is this happening? Let me elaborate…

You see, since businesses know the new rules of the game they have to make a choice. The choice is to pay to promote their content or pay to promote others content via Facebook promoted posts.

The stats are research show the average small business owner and entrepreneur does not have the extra budget to promote others content, even though they might absolutely adore and want all of their fans to see it.

What the average business owner WILL DO, however, is promote their own content (good or not) so it can reach as many fans / friends as possible with each status update.

Facebook has basically created a medium in which businesses are now acting much more self-serving. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you paid money to promote a piece of content that wasn’t yours?

lol… I thought so.

And why wouldn’t companies act in their perceived best business interest?

Many small business owners have limited budgets are are feeling the squeeze because of all the nickel and diming. Social media was initially about serving others but this has become increasingly difficult since cost barriers have surfaced.

If Facebook doesn’t change, there will be an exodus by businesses. I’m not going to make any predictions on when that would happen, however, history proves internet users are fickle.

You can’t just bait and switch your user-base and expect them to have the same loyalty.

Promoted posts serve Facebook, not the members. The social network’s selfishness is now creating selfish users, which is the opposite of what social media is about.

Curious about your thoughts on this matter. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment below…

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