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Is Philanthropy Part of Your Social Media Strategy?

As a business owner and entrepreneur, when you experience great success in life, I believe it comes with even greater responsibility. The power to impact and transform typically amplifies when you’ve been blessed with prosperity and abundance.

You’re simply able to reach and serve more beyond your physical means.

This being said, are YOU committed to leaving a legacy that makes a positive difference in the world through contribution and philanthropy?

This is a powerful question many successful entrepreneurs don’t think about early-on in their careers.


Well, because it’s easy to get preoccupied with toys, trinkets, lifestyle and other material things initially.

Then, something interesting happens.

Eventually you realize that while it’s cool to have nice possessions, the acquisition of “stuff” is not what leads to happiness and life fulfillment.

The simple act of GIVING is what does.

When I reflect back to some of the most incredible moments of my life, I remember instances when I was on purpose giving freely without expecting anything in return.

Activities like donating my time, empowering someone with life-changing knowledge, giving away money, sharing a meal, offering a gift, etc.

All of those brought (and still bring) such wonderful feelings and real meaning.

Besides providing greater fulfillment, you also begin to evoke a natural law of the universe. You know, the one that says, “the more you give the more you get.” It’s so true.

When you come from a mindset of abundance, you’re positioning yourself to receive abundance.

On this important note, let’s talk about what you can do TODAY to make philanthropy a regular part of your life and social media strategy.

Step 1: Find a charity you’re passionate about that aligns with your attitudes, values, and beliefs.

If you cannot find-one, create your own non-profit. The organization you select should be congruent with who you are on a deeper level so you can genuinely be committed to helping the cause.

Don’t just choose a non-profit because it’s trendy or what everyone is doing. Do your research and due diligence based on what key issues are important to you.

You obviously don’t need a charity to start giving back or making a difference, though. Help your neighbor. Just get involved and do something!

Step 2: Interview the charity and know where the donations go and in what percentages.

It’s important to know how much money actually goes to the cause versus how much goes to administration costs. You’d be absolutely shocked to know that the overwhelming majority of contributions for many well-known non-profits, organizations, and charities goes to keeping the executives with fat pockets.

We see this A LOT in healthcare. Know as much as you can about the organization you’re connecting with. Since you’re going to be making donations regularly, you might even request to see the books.

Step 3: Commit to a monthly contribution.

When you’ve finally decided on the right charity for you, take a percentage of gross revenue each month and give it away freely to the organization you’re supporting. Or, lend precious time to the cause. As you know, contribution doesn’t always have to be about donating money.

Just make a goal to help in some way. It’s important to create an empowering habit of giving, though. It only serves you and the people you come in contact with in all walks of life.

Step 4: Give credit and recognition where it’s due

Be a force for good and let family, friends, email subscribers, blog readers, and business customers know about the charity you support. This brings the them more recognition and can help enlist other people to champion your cause.

Don’t be shy about edifying the organization you’re proud to be associated with either. Chances are, they’re seeking to positively impact as many lives as possible. Getting them attention and spotlight recognition first by being a powerful voice.

Step 5: Publicize this act of kindness

In today’s time, people like to do business with others that have a strong “why.” Here’s what I mean. The public loves heart-felt stories and many want to be part of something bigger, a movement if you will. They want to know there’s a noble purpose behind what you do.

When you come-across as sincere, authentic, and committed to making a impact, you’ll have others who want to join the cause and associate with you. This one act alone is a HUGE differentiator from the rest of the businesses in your space.

Look around in your market and you might be stunned at just how few incorporate philanthropy.

When people see and understand your motivations are deeper and not just about the money, it resonates on an intimate level with them. The price of your product / service almost becomes irrelevant.

If you articulate why you do what you do then back it up with actions, you become a magnet for your perfect audience. You’ll earn their respect and they’ll want to be part of the movement.

Not to mention, when your company announces philanthropic donations via the press / media, it also helps attract more attention to the charity you’ve aligned with. It reflects great on both of you.

So, in a nutshell charitable contribution is just a wonderful habit to get into.

You get to lend a helping hand to those in need which creates goodwill and fulfillment. It creates an empowering habit that serves you / others and it shows your audience you’re committed to an important cause bigger than yourself.

Philanthropy also leads to good PR and notoriety for your business, which then creates more growth and contribution.

Incorporate what you’ve read here today into your social media strategy and watch the impact you make greatly expand. You’ll also experience more prosperity and abundance as a result.

Leave a legacy you and your family can be proud of. Start now!

Important Note:

Each “for profit” product, training, and service featured on this blog is tied to a non-profit initiative. This is done because my companies and I are committed to paying-it-forward.

It’s just the right thing to do.

When you invest in your success through our programs, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping support entrepreneurs in developing nations, wounded soldiers, and more.

Question: What are you doing right now to fuse philanthropy into your business model?

Leave a comment below to inspire others in our community.

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